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Where Do I Keep All My Kids Art?

S.T. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for some ideas to keep my kids 'distinguished' art pieces for years to come. I'm very selective at weeding out the amount of art that comes home. Howeve...


Art Night at School

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Hello mamas and papas!! We are planning an art night at my daughter's elementary school. I need some cheap, free, easy ideas for arts/crafts that can entertain kids K...


What to Do with Kids Art Projects?

T.C. asks from Austin

I try not to save ALL my son's art projects. I frame some, and have a shelf in the closet for all the normal paintings and pictures from school. But the ones I don't ...


Anyone Can Be Taught to Do Art

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas and papas When in college I took a number of beginner art classes the premise of which were - if taught certain basic skills and techniques- perspective, sha...


Selling Art On-line??

L.C. asks from Allentown

The business that I am involved with is really suffering in this economy and we have taken 20% salary cuts. I am at my wit's end to make ends meet. I paint well but...


Most Kid-friendly Art Museum?

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

I'm looking for the most kid-friendly art-museum-going activity I can for my nearly-5 and nearly-3 year olds (and their 1 year old sister in a baby carrier). I've ...


What to Do with "Art" from Preschool?!

N.A. asks from Cleveland

My son comes home with plenty of "artwork" from preschool. What should I do with it??? Im starting to get quite the collection. Any ideas mommys??


2 Questions... Art and Teeth Brushing

B.H. asks from Philadelphia

hello all!! my first question is about art. i have some pieces that i would like to get appraised/sold but i dont have a clue of how/where to start! any suggestions??...


Whats the Shelf Life of a School Art Project?

A.R. asks from Boston

we get at least 3 art projects home from school a running out of room and finding it hard to rotate and display the new ones because picasso wont let anyth...


I'm Drowning in Art Work!

K.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, Now that my son is back at school, I'm going through each room of our house and purging. Yesterday was my office, which hasn't been opened since April. ...

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