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Anger Issues-modified

That being said, my dad & bro both have anger management issues (they are essentially the same person, only with a 25 yr age difference!). ...

Husband's Attitude Towards Normal Behavior of Toddler SUCKS

I have asked my husband to try an anger management class, have ordered .... I really, really recommend that your husband go to an anger management class. ...

11 Year Old with a Anger Problem

christmas history · history of christmas · 3 year old hitting · 12 year old behavior problem · anger management for 4 year old · anger management 5 year old ...

Advice on Morning Routine from Single/Divorced Mama's...HELP!

So, from here we're going to both get individual therapists for anger management /grief, go to parenting classes seperately and move forward doing the best ...

How to Help 3Yo Son Vent When Angry

I thought we were going to have to get anger management classes for him...same things, hitting himself, us, etc. I taught him to stomp his feet when he was ...

3 Year Old Anger Problem

I have almost 3 year old twins, and my boy tends to have anger management problems too. I have shed lots of tears over this, part because he can be hard to ...

Anger Issues

My boys are 10 and 8 and they participate in shotokan karate classes that focus on conflict recognition, prevention and anger management. ...

Alternative Health Care for Bipolar Child

I'm not sure if he can go to anger management classes when he is on a "good" day . I am not certain, but would exercise help for him? Maybe a gym membership ...

Should I Make My Son Play Football

Sep 8, 2009 ... Sounds like Coach could use some anger management classes. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Teen Mis-diagnosed with Bipolar II

I suggest getting him enrolled in an anger management class to teach him how to calm down. Exercise is also a positive way to get the brain firing when he ...
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