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S.B. asks from Houston

My son may have torn his ACL. Doctor's appointment today at 1:45. He is 20 and going to college out of state (Kentucky). He is going to call me during the appointm...


I Tore My ACL

J.G. asks from St. Louis

So here I have been happily going through life thinking I would get my knee scoped this week. My orthopedic surgeon just called and I tore my ACL. :( So I am wond...


ACL Stories

L.K. asks from Chicago

I play soccer/exercise regularly and recently got the dreaded "you tore your ACL." I know quite a few people who have done this and there is a lot of info on the int...


What to Expect When My 14 Yr Old Daughter Has ACL Surgery This Week

K.M. asks from Chicago

We have gotten many responses to our mulitude of questions regarding this surgery. My daughter suffered a severe injury playing soccer 3 weeks ago and tore her ACL. ...


Afternoon Surgery

J.G. asks from St. Louis

So tomorrow is my ACL surgery. I am actually quite pleased with my surgeon, lots of options, lots of hope for a fast recovery...but..... My surgery isn't until 12...


Daughter Having Can I Help Her?

C.C. asks from Columbia

In June my then 16 year old daughter found a pea size lump in her left breast while doing a SBE. To make the story short, by September it had grown to the size of a ...


Tips for Knee Replacement Surgery

G.R. asks from San Diego

My dad is finally having a knee replacement surgery he has needed for almost 10 years. Naturally, he's nervous but he is having the surgery in the town I live because...


Herniated Disc Surgery

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

Around the new year, I herniated a disc pretty badly. At first the pain was terrible, unable to stand walk for more than 6 minutes without limping, numbness and terr...


Dog Needs Expensive Surgery.

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Our Golden Retriever is 6 years old. He is REALLY tall and pretty much a moose. A couple months ago he started limping and now he won't even walk on his back leg. He ...


Experience with Knee Replacement Surgery: Advice, Please

H.W. asks from Portland

A dear older friend of mine is having knee replacement surgery next week. Because her family is out of town, I'll be coordinating her care. My specific questions,...

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