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Seeking Advice About Child Involvement in Activities at Young Age

Don't know where you are, but CSUF arboretum is a wonderful place to take a child for a picnic. You feel you are in another world and so beautiful. ...

Does Anyone Have a Child with Apraxia?

A child needs to practice and practice for it to improve. .... Watch sesame street too, PBS is great for that + Super Why & World Word. ...

Help with a "The World Is Against Me" Husband

Could I afford to have my male child model after his father? ... I know he also feels "the world is against him" but he says it's his "punishment from God! ...

Child Prefers to Talk to Adults Rather than His Peers

Read all 7 responses: "Anyone have a child who prefers to talk to adults rather than his ... To have one or two true friends in this world is a blessing. ...

Anyone Else Have a Child with Kidney Reflux?

Although I have never dealt with a child having kidney problems, .... what in the world is kidney reflux? what are the symptoms?? i can only imagine what ...

Can I Trust My Daycare? Is My Child Safe?

Well, my 3 year old goes to a Childrens World in Ramsey and it is WONDERFUL! ... I am a child care provider. High staff turnover usual means a poor day care ...

Artificial Insemination and the Single Mom

Being an only child is not a bad situation, so I don't know why you're contemplating bringing a child into the world who will almost definitely not have a ...

Possibly Deciding to Stop at One Child

Bringing a child into this world is such a gift and it is wonderful that you are thinking about it thoughtfully. My daughter is an only child, although not ...

Will I Regret Having Only One Child?

Do what feels right to you- you will have more regrets if you introduce another child to the world, and find that rather than enriching your life, ...

Teaching a Child How to Ride a Bike

The smile on your child's face when he learns to ride a bike is absolutely ... We just don't live in a safe world unless we create a safe little part of it ...
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