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When Did Your Child Move to a Toddler Bed?

I just found out I am pregnant with our second child. When this child is born my son will be just at 21 mo. So, my question is at what..."

Wanting a 4Th Child

I hemorrhaged and went septic after my second child was born, and was told not to have any more children because of the risks. ...

CPS Gifted / Classical School Testing

Dec 10, 2009 ... A gifted child is born that way and there is nothing the parents did to make them gifted. I had two children who came from homes where the ...

Legally Required Vaccines for Child to Attend School

While she was pregnant with her second child her first came home with German Measles. Unfortunately she caught German Measles, her child was born with only ...

Should I Notify the Father of My Child When I Deliver Our Baby?

That way you have given him the chance, becasue things do change once the child is born. Fathers many times find it hard to make a connection with a child ...

Question Re: Son with "Folded" Ear at Birth

Has anyone else had a child born with a similar problem? Did it resolve itself or did you need to take corrective measures? ...

Ideas for Fun Stuff to Do for My First Child When My Second Is Born

Read all 14 responses: "Hi all. I'm about to give birth to my second child (don' t know if it's a girl or boy) and I'm concerned about what to do at the ...

Pregnancy in Your 40'S

I was 39 when our last child was born. The OB said that over half of his patients were over 35 and age alone did not make it high risk. ...

Issues with Having Another Child

My concerns are about what having another child will do to my relationship with him. My mom said my older brother got very mad at her when I was born and ...

Cord Blood Banking

It basically said that at this point in science there is no evidence that your child's own cord blood can save that same child because if a child is born ...
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