a child is crying

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20 Month Old Fell on Her Head

Oct 12, 2009 ... "If your child is crying but can get up on his own and is moving about, he's probably just fine," notes Dr. Zibners. ...

Need Tips on Cutting down Whinning and Crying

It really lessens 1) the frustration for the child, 2) the whining & crying, & 3 ) the frustration for the parents! It also sounds like he is in the perfect ...

7 Year Old Crying, Emotional, Saying He's a Bad Kid

You say he's depressed or sounds that way with his crying jags, .... Your son sounds like a very emotional child, but it is probably better that he cries ...

Is 3 to Young to Go to School?

If it's important to keep the child in preschool, there should be a way around it. She's probably crying mostly because she's tired! ...

When Does the Crying End?

For instance, mom put the child down, and walked out of the room. She watched the time, and went back in after a few minutes if the child was crying. ...

My 7 Year Old Says He Wants to Die!

It is emotionally hard when your child is crying for help and you feel helpless (I know. Been there, but it does get better. Really it does). ...

When Should You Stop Pre-school If Child Cries?

I have worked in day care and child care programs for about 6 years, ... Since your son is crying in preschool, my guess is that this is a drop-off ...

Just curious...anyone Else's Child Do This??

Now I am starting to notice that when I either drop my daughter off, or pick her up, there is always a child crying and no one really doing anything about ...

Learning to Swim

If the class you put your kid in is gentel and nice because your child is crying , make them be tougher. They are not their to be nice they are their to ...


... $17.00 on the floor in school a little girl was crying and said she lost her ... I sent her to a child psychologist for help because I just didn't know ...
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