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Hair Cuts for Kids

It is long enough to comb and look like a haircut, not a buzz cut, but I know it will be even if they are moving around. Good Luck! Helpful? ...

To Helmet or Not to Helmet???

But my son however has a buzz cut/short hair and even now at 9 still has some squareness to his head. When he gets up in the mornings that hair in the area ...

HELP - My 19 Year Old Son Is Rapidly Losing His Hair

It may help if he actually starts to crop his hair very short into a buzz cut- this is what my finacee does. Lots of women actually do find bald men ...

Teenage Stepdaughters Friends Are Weird

My son wore his hair long from 7th Grade til just this week, he got a buzz cut and it was his choice. They are learning to make choices in their lives and ...


One summer the kids and I all had buzz cuts because two had lice and one ... that he got his head shaved (1/8" buzz cut)...and everyone else wanted it, too. ...

Freaking Out over LICE!!!

For my son, we did a buzz cut (it was summer). For my daughter, we just combed and combed and combed until there were no nits. ...

Negative Outlook on School Because of Mean Kids

At that time I was a total tomboy with super short (think nearly buzz cut) hair and I'd only wear sweats to school. This was all by my choice. ...

My Husbands Dogs Are Driving Me Crazy...

Think of it as a summer buzz cut for a little boy. She felt better, any odor was gone, it allowed us to actually penetrate her hair when we bathed her, ...

Preparing a 4Yr Old for Chemo

She looks like a little marine now with a very short buzz cut. I have her whole story on www.CarePages.com Feel free to sign in and take a look. ...

5 Year Old Girl Wants Short Hair-dad Says "No"

One likes a buzz cut and I tell him just not so short that his skin shows and he could get sunburnt on his head. The other likes it so long and has such ...
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