a bump on your head

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2 Year Old Son with Lump Under Eye Lid

Read all 9 responses: "Hi, our son has had a small lump under his eye lid for just ... I first want to commend you for being at home with your children. ... the sty to "point" or "come to a head" as with a pimple so it can be incised, ...

Cyst on Baby's Head

I have a nephew who was born with a bump on the very top of his head, .... I would give your friend support and love while she waits for the next high level ...

Vomiting Infant

Did your son have any bumps on the head around the time the vomiting started? Even a small bump, or maybe he rolled off the bed or sofa? ...

Lymph Node Behind Ear

Has this happened to any of your babies?? Thanks so much! ... My son had a bump on the top of his head as a baby. It freaked me out, but the dr repeatedly ...

20 Month Old Fell on Her Head

Oct 12, 2009 ... When my first fell out of the stroller and got a goose egg bump we went to ... You turn your head for one second and they can tumble out. ...

Sore Knot on Back of My Scalp

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline .... My husband had a bump on the base of his head, it was very sore to touch or to even turn his head. ...

Mammograms and Early Detection for Breast Cancer

... put your right arm over your head. keep your left hand on the breast, ... However, if you have family history or if you feel a lump in your breast while ...

Head injury**EDITED**

He hit his head really hard. When you've bonked your head doesn't it hurt ... has hit his head before, similar to this and the Dr. said a bump is good and ...

Very Large Goose Egg on Forehead

Aug 12, 2009 ... He fell and had a bump on his head, the swelling never went down and it ... I am glad that all turned out ok with your daughter, but please, ...

Salivary Gland Issues

Now, it's May and it is coming back, but the bump is smaller and there only when ..... Any infection in your head is serious so the naturopath can help you ...
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