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Daughter Injured at Girl Scout Outing

... better than we do and as a parent that has been a hard thing to watch as that my daughter is like a bull in china shop bruised from tail to stern! ...

Strange Red Circle on Upper Arm

If the rash gets bigger than you are describing and looks like a bull's eye .... Tick bites typically look like bull`s eyes, but not always and lime`s ...

Death of a Close Relative: How to Explain/comfort a 4 Year Old

i went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Foomanchoo and i loved deeper and i spoke sweeter and i gave forgiveness i've been denin' and he said someday i hope you ...

Am I Worrying About Nothing?

Just be on the lookout for a 'bull's eye' rash. Most ticks that carry it are deer ticks - those are the tiny ones that are next to impossible to see. ...

Question for Moms Who Choose Not to Vaccinate - Need Updated Information Source

He is generally ill every winter with upper respiratory issues, but my daughter rarely if ever, gets sick.....she is like a bull. ...

Need Advice Regarding Step Children

They were never married, so there was no divorce, only FOC who is as useless as tits on a bull (sorry, don't mean to offend anyone). All I can say about mom ...

Need Help with 11Yr Old Email Issue

It's so much better to "handle with care" than to go into it like a bull in a china shop and have it blow up in your face. I think that would only make ...

Teaching Not to Hit

He's more like a bull in a China shop, not knowing his own strength. I've been in charge of nurseries for a long time, and all the kids end up pushing ...

Help to Get Son to Poo in Toilet

He is stubborn as a bull! Finally, my husband said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. He told him that he was too big to go in diapers anymore and hid the remaining pull-ups ...

I Am Losing Myself ..

yesterday a bull dog attacked my beagle, and i couldn't do anything about it. my neighbor came to help me, and she was able to pull the dog off -- she could ...
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