a baby at 6 weeks

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Baby Seems to Have Days and Nights Mixed Up

Congratulations on the new, precious baby! Unfortunately, the mix up of day and night is just part of the plan. It will take a couple of months (6 weeks to ...

Expecting a Baby in 7 Weeks and Planning to Pump Exclusively

Baby one: the milk won't come and I gave up trying after many tears. ... I am also expecting my second in about 6 weeks. I plan to pump and breastfeed. ...

How Long Should 2 Month Old Be Sleeping at Night and How Many Naps??

I definately let my baby cry. And I won't feed him under the 2 hour mark. It was hard when I first started that (at about 6 weeks) but now we have a ...

Seeking Mom's of Babies Born at or Before 34 Weeks

My first child was born 6 weeks early and no complications at all and he ... At 34 weeks your baby would have an even better chance and need less time :) . ...

35 Weeks Along and Baby Is Breech...

But I would try what you can to try to turn baby because you cannot lift anything that weighs more than your newborn for 6 weeks and you cannot drive for 2 ...

11 Week Old Going 5 - 6 Hours Without Eating at Night.

He was 6 weeks early and weighed 4 lbs 10 oz. He now weighs approx. 11 lbs. and is a beautiful healthy baby. When he was born, he had very weak jaws and had ...

6 Week Old Who Won't Stop Crying...Ever

Read all 5 responses: "My newborn daughter is going on 6 weeks old and ... Put her in the baby swing (with blankets propped around her if she is too small). ...

Baby Has Been Sick with Virus for Three Weeks! Has This Happened to You?

i feel for you! our daughter was sick it seemed since she started daycare at 9 weeks to she was about 6 months old. same thing, happy and good baby, ...

When Does Your Period Return After Having a Baby

I thought your first one would be at least 6 weeks, and then if..." ... i bled for several weeks after having my baby. you may of started to heal and it ...

Seeking Experience and Answers with Premature Water Break at 26 Weeks

I had baby Gabriel April 8, 2008 around 6:20pm. He was 28 weeks and 4 days, I managed to stay in the hospital for two weeks. He weighed 2 lbs 9 oz and is 15 ...
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