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5 Week Old Wanting to Eat Every Two Hours

Read all 10 responses: "I just switched from breastfeeding to formula feeding for our daughter. I weaned her off of breast milk for a week and now she's ...

Worried 6 Weeks

I just gave birth to a beautiful baby in August and I had bleeding and cramps when she was around 5 weeks old. My doctor had be take the pregnancy blood ...

5 Month Old Still Fussy After Virus

My 5 month old had a short lived stomach virus over a week ago She no longer is symptomatic but weve noticed that she has continued to be a little fussier ...

11 Weeks - Starting Cereal?

I started both of my babies on cereal at about 5 weeks old. They wouldn't eat it from a spoon, of course, so I would cut a bigger hole in the nipple of a ...

Son Scooting in Crib While Sleeping

For the first 5 weeks of my little ones life. No one told me about swaddleing. As soon as I would lay her down she moves her arms or legs and up we go again ...

Seeking Advice for Miserable 5 Week Old

Read all 6 responses: "My baby is 5 weeks old. I am breastfeeding, and she is doing well and gaining weight. She loves to eat! My problem is that she has ...

5 Week Old Nurses for Hours at a Time

Read all 7 responses: "I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this or gone through it themselves. My 5 week old son will nurse for 4-6 hours sometimes.

No Heartbeat Yet....?

Oct 13, 2009 ... at 5 weeks, i had no heartbeat, and there was no baby, .... You are 4 or 5 weeks , so you would not see it at this stage yet. Stay positive. ...

11 Weeks Pregnant and Spotting!!!

T.S. answers from Chicago on March 5 2007. M. I miscarried twice before our son was born The second I mc at 1112 weeks So when I was pregnant with Jacob and ...

Mall of America

I worked on a project for 5 weeks in Minneapolis and we hit the Mall often. Be prepared to shop! No taxes on clothing or shoes is awesome! ...
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  • more common to spot with your second in 2 answers "On webmd I read that it's more common to spot with your second child that with your ..."
  • will probably tell you to wait in 2 answers "Hey T., yes you can ask your doctor and they will probably tell you to wait...but ..."
  • try gripe water in 2 answers "You can also try Gripe Water to help soothe her stomach rather than the Mylicon."
  • his digestive system in 2 answers "... have started this practice, put it to an immediate end. His digestive system ..."
  • growth spurt in 5 answers "She's probably going through the 5 week old growth spurt."