4 month old rolling over

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5 Month Old Rolls on Tummy Then Screams, Can't Get Any Sleep.

Read all 5 responses: "My 5 month old just started rolling over onto her tummy when I put her ... Next question: 4 Month Old Rolling over During the Night ...

3 Month Old Rolling Over

Read all 18 responses: "My 3 month old baby boy started rolling over a couple weeks ago, but now he is ending ... 4 Month Old Rolling over During the Night ...

7-Month-old Rolling over in Crib

My 7-month-old has reflux and as such, we have his crib mattress set at a 30 degree incline. ... 4 Month Old Rolling over During the Night ...

4-Month-old Daughter Won't Try to Roll Over!

Read all 21 responses: "Hi everyone. My 4 month old daughter, Savannah, will not try to roll over from her tummy to back. She almost has it the other way, ...

Still Swaddling My 6 Month Old Now That She Is Rolling Over?

I stopped swaddling around 4 months. Even though the baby still likes it, if he/ she is rolling over, he/she will probably need the use of his/her hands at ...

Milestones for an 8 Month Old

He has been rolling all over the place since about 5 months old and ..... I'm in the same boat your in, She started rolling over about 4 1/2 - 5 months. ...

Four Month Old Has Stopped Sleeping Through the Night

This happend to me when my son started rolling over. .... Pacifiers were also life savers for us and at 4 months old it may be worth a try even if he hasn't ...

4 Month Old Won't Rollover Anymore

Read all 8 responses: "When my daughter was just 3 months and 1 week old she surprised us by both ... Most babies start to roll-over around 4 months of age. ...

8 1/2 Month Old Turning over During the Night

If she can roll herself over, let her sleep! I started PUTTING my son to bed on his tummy when he was about 4 months old. ...

"Daughter Keeps Rolling over in Her Sleep"

Read all 32 responses: "My daughter is 5 months old. She is rolling over really ... Hi, My son is 4 months old and I have been putting him to sleep on his ...
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