16 week 4d ultrasound

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Boy or Girl?

Hi D., I own a 3/4D Ultrasound site in Temecula and we do gender checks at 16 weeks if the blood test does not come through for you. ...

Advice on 4D Ultrasound?

V.G. answers from Chicago on April 16, 2008 ... She did not look anything like her 4D ultrasound when she was born, thank goodness! With my son, we waited until the last 2 weeks we could do it, and he took a very nice picture. Helpful? ...

Gender Ultrasound

It was a more high tech model, but it wasn't a 4D ultrasound. ... I had my first ultra sound at 16 weeks, the ultrasound tech. said that he would have been ...

Opinions Sought on First Child Seeing Second Baby's Ultrasound

I took my daughter how was only about 16 months old at the time to our ultrasound. I had my mom come ..... 16 week 4d ultrasound · 16 weeks pregnant photos ...

Ultrasound Tech Wrong

Pretty sure that 16 weeks is a little early to tell. ... won't do another ultrasound after 20 weeks, then maybe you can splurge and get a 3D or 4D one done ...

Seeking Advise on Having an Ultrasound

We had the initial, one at 4 months, and then a 4D ultrasound (we limited the time .... until I had to have one about every week until I was about 16 weeks. ...

"Soft Markers" Found in Fetal Ultrasound

I was monitored and had numerous ultrasounds, including the 3/4D and all looked ... Also, a 16-week ultrasound showed a "soft marker" (a hyper-echoic bowel, ...

How to Tell 2 Year-old About New Baby

19 answers. A.D. asks from Killeen, TX on February 16, 2009 ..... p.s. I had a 4D ultrasound at about 34 weeks and was able to frame a face picture of the ...

Advice on Pregnancy Screenings & Tests

I knew I would abort even at 15/16 weeks if the results were poor, .... I looked into doing the 4D ultrasound then but my insurance would not cover it so ...

Can You Share Experiences with a Level II Ultrasound?

The next level u/s is 3/4D which can actually show you features of the baby's face, very cool. .... False-positive Quad Screen? 16 · Level II Ultrasound · 14 · 18 Week Ultrasound Scared Me--20 Week Ultrasound Now Indicates Hydrocephalus ...
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