1 year old nap

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2 Yr Old Not Taking Naps, Laying down Nicely

Wish there was a magic pill or something My 2 year old does this too Ive had to just let him talk until he .... one year old napping · can stay asleep ...

One Year Old Waking WAY Too Early!

They also only take one nap a day. Well, my 3 year old refuses to nap at all, but I will put him in his room for "quiet" time to play or hopefully fall ...

8 Month Old with Afternoon Nap Issues

There has been times where I let her go with just one nap a day but I know .... I'm a grandma (50 year old) who started keeping my grandson who is a 1 year ...

Transition from Two Naps to One

I have a one year old that I just transitioned about a month ago. I had her napping from 9am to 11am, waking up at 11am and then had lunch at noon. ...

4 Yr Old and Naps

My 4 year old little boy still naps in the afternoon on most dayssounds like I am lucky you have to .... Next question 3 12 Year Old Not Always Taking Naps ...

Wondering How the Transition from 2 Naps to 1 Nap Works?

One nap is GREAT because you can take a bath & nap yourself, or really get something done. We're at the 3 year old - going into NO NAP stage. ...

11 Month Old Takes 1 Nap, Needs 2!

My 3 year old stopped taking 2 naps a day when she was right around 11 months old. .... New Nap/sleep Schedule for 1 Year Old Needed ...

3 Hours Nap

I think a 2-3 hour nap sounds very healthy for a 2 year old. 1) Perhaps you could give him his nap earlier in the day, and then he would be willing to go to ...

9-Month Old Baby down to 1 Nap a Day?

He used to nap 2x a day for 1-2 1/2 hours. We have been trying to make him take. .." ... One Year Old Does Not Sleep Through the Night ...

Naps for My 13-Month-old

When my son started dropping one nap hed go down after luncharound 121230ish and sleep for a few hours So ... One Year Old Not Sleeping in the Afternoon ...
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  • may be ready to give up the naps in 2 answers "Sounds like he may be ready to give up the naps though."
  • 1 1 2 hour naps in 2 answers "He started out taking about 1 1/2 hour naps, and is now up to about 2."
  • cut out the morning nap in 3 answers "Have you tried to cut out the morning nap, have her good nap in the afternoon and ..."
  • raising your grandson in 2 answers "How exciting that you are raising your grandson - good for you!"
  • 3 hour nap in 3 answers "I wish my kid would take a 3 hour nap during the day!"