Where to Find a Rescue Puppy

Updated on August 12, 2011
A.B. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Our old lady dog, 15 years old, died a few weeks ago and we are talking about getting another puppy. In the past, I have always had a puppy simply show up in my life when it was time, but my children are getting anxious about finding another puppy. Does anyone know of a good place in the area to find a rescue/abandoned puppy? I do not want to go through a breeder and I don't want to wait weeks after picking one out to be able to bring it home. Any suggestions in the Carrollton area? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your input...we found a new puppy at the Carrollton Animal Shelter and she is smoothly fitting in!

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Coppell animal shelter on Sandy Lake.

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actually, taking a few weeks to go through the process to ensure you have the right fit for your family is a better way to go about it than just picking one out, bringing it home, and hoping for the best.

adopting a puppy from a rescue organization usually means the the puppy has been 100% vetted and checked for anything that could be wrong with the puppy at the time. since most rescue dogs are in people's houses (their foster homes), you also get a better sense of their personality.

otherwise, you can go to the pound and hope for the best. hope the puppy doesn't have something horrible like heartworms, disease, etc. that YOU would be 100% financially responsible for. when you adopt from a rescue group, all of that is already taken care of.

plus, it's ok for the kids to learn that adopting a dog shouldn't be 'too' easy.

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Check animal shelters, the SPCA, and my favorite, the Dallas Pug Rescue. We love our pug and it is the best family dog we could ask for. But be careful with rescues, some have been tortured and have difficulty with children. If you have a breed in mine, just google Dallas Rescue and the breed. I know there is a Great Dane Rescue also.

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We found our dog on petfinder.com after we lost our 8 yr old Beagle to cancer.
The website is awesome, they are rescue dogs, have great search options & the lady who fostered our dog brought him to our house to meet us & do a test run over night! Good luck!

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