Where Can I Get My Child Baptised Without Being Married

Updated on April 13, 2007
M.F. asks from Jacksonville, FL
4 answers

I'm looking for somewhere that will baptise my child without judgement, having to go through classes, join their church, be of a certian religion, go through 20 questions with a priest, etc. My boyfriend and I are not married and we are looking to baptise our child but the few places we have looked into are requiring we jump through hoops to get it done or are judging us and asking why we aren't married. I don't think it's fair and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions.

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I am not sure what side of town you live on, but I belong to a very friendly United Methodist church over here on the west side. My long time fiancé and I are also not married but have two beautiful children. Both were baptized without classes or payment and on relatively short notice. A church member took pictures and we received a nice certificate. Both times it was a very nice ceremony. We liked the church so much that we decided to join.



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I would try a Methodist church. My father is a Methodist minister, in Tennessee...sorry, and he has done things like this for many people.



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Hello M. and how are you? I am also a single mom and I know how you feel. I was even a member of a church and I would have had to jump through hoops........ anyways is it that you want your baby baptise or blessed. At this point your baby does not have to be baptise, because God forbid if something happens, your child will go to heaven. If you are looking to have your child blessed........... what we did because my daughters dad has the calling......... He did it himself. Or if you know someone who is in the Word.... ask them to do it. Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Indianapolis on

Here's the website to my church. I go to a Disciples of Christ church. We dedicate babies and would be glad to have you if your in our area. Here has been a few single mom's that have dedicated there babies here. We also have a Sunday School class for our age group if your interested too. Even if you want to just check it out one day that's great too. No hoops to leap through here. We are an open community.
I hope you can find a good place soon.

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