What to Do with Old Mattress/box Springs?

Updated on July 16, 2008
C.A. asks from Lewisville, TX
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Hi Moms,

We recently bought a new mattress/box spring set, but don't know what to do with the old one. It' a queen size set and about 8 years old. The mattress is fine (but in used condition) but the box spring is squeaky. My husband doesn't want to take it to the dump because he thinks it seems like such a waste. But, I haven't found anywhere that takes used mattresses. I tried CCA and Goodwill.

Anyone have any ideas? Do you all just take them to the dump? I really want to get this big stuff out of my house. :)


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List it under Free Stuff on Craigslist. Or even list it cheap under For Sale items. I have had better luck selling things super cheap rather than giving them away. For whatever reason, people who are paying for something are more reliable. I'd list if for $30 or so, and be honest about its condition. It will be sold today!

You might also try freecycle. There are a couple of DFW area freecycle groups in Yahoo Groups. People list things they are willing to give away for free there, but again I often end up dealing with flaky people there. I have an old rug listed there right now and two people have already flaked out on me!

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We bought our set from Mattress Firm and they took away the old ones. They say they refurbish and sterilize them and give them to shelters.

I don't know where you bought your set, but I know that some people go through the effort to take them and clean them up.

If you find a place, please post it as I'm sure that is something everyone considers. Good for your husband to want to save landfill space!!

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post it on www.freecycle.org From what I've seen with other mattresses that get posted, they are gone the same day!

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