What to Do 8 Months Preg with Terrible Toothache

Updated on May 01, 2008
M.B. asks from New York, NY
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Hi All,
I am 8 months pregnant with my first, which makes me a worrier already...
I woke up yesterday morning with a throbbing toothache which has not gone away - can't even touch it without the pain shooting up my face.
I have been trying to be as "green" and healthy as possible during my pregnancy, no Tylenol, no caffeine, no junk, but with this pain, and another month or so to go, I don't know if I can handle it.
I have read requests and responses to root canal and other dental issues, and wonder if there is anything "natural" one can do to alleviate the pain? Are there any dentists who practice other kinds of dental work without bringing out the syringes of Novocaine and the like?
On top of my worries for my baby, I have had terrible experiences with dentists - had a root canal without pain killers when I was sixteen by a quack who didn't ask my parents' permission before drilling, then sent me home with a prescription that couldn't be filled till the next day. To say the least I am a very nervous dental patient...
What should I do?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for all their input. I went to my mother's dentist who found no cavity in the affected tooth (whew!). What he found was that I have been grinding my teeth at night. He filed down a small amount off the back of the tooth and buffed it, and poof! the pain was gone! He did take an X-ray which he seemed to believe wouldn't hurt the baby at 8 months, but I insisted on having 2 lead aprons, just in case.
Thanks again everyone!


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Hi M.,

I had the same problem with my first. The baby takes a lot out of you. Go to the dentist they can help you without harming the baby. Good Luck :) Hope you feel better. :)



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Sounds like you have a nasty infection which is actually MORE dangerous for your baby than the novacaine because untreated gum infections can cause premature delivery. For the sake of the baby, your health and your peace of mind, get a referral for a top-notch dentist and go ASAP.

Like you, I am eight months pregnant. I had a cavity filled at four months. The doctor (and mother of six) reassured me that dental anesthesia is not contraindicated after the first trimester. First she numbed my gums with topical ointment, then she injected the novacaine. I didn't even feel the jab!! So, tell the dentist that you must have plenty of topical anesthesia before the injection.




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For a natural and safe home remedy, you could try chewing on 1 or 2 cloves (Indian spice, used to flavor rice, Hindi word is "Laung")--the pain goes away immediately. You can find cloves in any Indian/Asian grocery store (maybe even Trader Joes) if you happen to be living near one. Otherwise, Tylenol is safe, though I would recommend talking to your Doctor if the pain doesn't subside. My brother tried the cloves and he felt instantaneous relief from his tooth ache.

Hope you feel better soon!





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I would go see someone about this - if there's something wrong with your tooth, it can be very harmful to the baby. I had a lot of dental problems during my pregnancy, and my dentist was telling me that in fact they are very common during this time because of increased estrogen levels and extra wear and tear on your system.
Also, just so you know, there is a numbing thing they can use which is not novocaine- it's safe for pregnant women - novocaine has adrenaline in it and this one (I forget the name) does not. Ask the dentist about it - it exists, because I had shots of it about 10 times during my pregnancy and was fine - it works the same as novocaine. No pain... but it wears off a bit earlier than novocaine wears off - its effects last for about 30 minutes or so. Your teeth are very important to be taken care of during this time!



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Tylenol is very safe....it's what my OB/GYN always

Take a few, it will be fine.


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