What Is Intuitive Eating?

Updated on September 17, 2019
P.S. asks from Mc Lean, VA
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Has anyone heard about this method of eating for weight loss? Any thoughts on if it works or experiences with it?

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answers from Portland on

Isn't it basically just eating when you're hungry and stopping when you've had enough? and not emotionally eating?

I'm someone who eats to live and I guess come pretty close. I exercise because it makes me feel good and with friends/family.

I don't have too many hang ups about food and I am at peace with how I look (I like it for the most part). I'm ok with aging, because I consider it a blessing (I've lost far too many people young, so I consider it a great gift to age).

I'm not a great cook, so we don't have a ton of big meals around here, so we just eat simply. Fuel. We eat in moderation (treats and all).

I just googled it


Seems to sum it up.

I think it just means if you have hangs up or eat from boredom, etc. find alternative ways to deal with it.

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answers from Tampa on

Good afternoon !

Just snooping through some of the ladies links I already have a problem with this diet or as you called it “ method”.
Diet is not a bad word.. it doesn’t mean cut everything that’s tasty add some tasteless tofu to lettuce and off you go. It just means to change bad habits.

Some foods are just not good for you. So you should pick and choose. When you are hungry it’s already too late to eat since juices are flowing and your acidity is up and you will overeat. So time settings is best. Smaller meals throughout a day is better vs 2 big meals.
But.. that’s just me.

I did Atkins .. but I was single with no kids and no hubby and super busy at my job. Went from size 12 to junior 7. Lol and life happened! Lol 4 c sections did not help either! Lol I am also 42 and had a baby after 40! ( nothing like reading geriatric mom in the chart!) lol

What honestly works for me is just trying to cut out certain foods: processed food, white bread, heavy meals towards the night. Carbs are my enemy! Lol. Also big part is portion control. And be some sort active.. either at the gym or at home gym. Basically I think most of it is common sense.

But if you do try it.. and it works..keep us posted! Lots of luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

it's a smart way to go if you've got some discipline and are reasonably introspective. it means you have to really pay attention to what your body is clamoring for. i might kinda feel like french toast and maple syrup, but when i tune in, i realize that will make me feel tired and crappy, while a couple of eggs with a side of avocado will energize me.

often hunger is really thirst, and a glass of water will do the trick. a cup of tea can prolong the need to eat for hours, in my case.

you also need to pay attention to when you're full, and when you're eating because it tastes so good. a big challenge for me.

unfortunately my discipline and introspection go out the window when it comes to 'late night' and 'candy.'


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answers from Washington DC on

I have "heard" about it - but never really did any DEEP research. I know you eat when you're hungry versus at set times.


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answers from Denver on

Yes, it can help with weight loss! In fact, this is the very first place I start with my weight loss clients (I am a nutritionist). Losing weight is not about dieting but about learning how to eat a healthy whole food balanced diet and listening to your body.
I prefer to call it mindful eating versus intuitive eating. Have you ever eaten in front of your computer, at your office desk, in front of the TV, or while driving, only to look down and wonder where that entire bag of chips went? You didn’t even realize you ate the entire bag! This is called mindless eating.
Instead you want to shift this into being present, being aware of the food that you are eating.
Today’s society greatly contributes to mindless eating. We have apps instead that tell us how much sleep we get, how many macro’s and calories we are eating, how many steps we are getting and our heart rate during workouts. While these additions can be useful, the issue is that we listen to the gadgets instead of listening to our bodies.
Our body is constantly telling us what it needs and wants. Our ancestors didn’t have the obesity rate in the U.S. that we now have. We didn’t have the lifestyle health issue of CVD, diabetes and metabolic syndrome that we now face. And people, were not going on diet after diet like we do now. We do not need to count points, count steps, or anything else if we just listen to our bodies!
But in our go-go society, we do not pay attention to it. Society has created this culture where it is normal to eat on the go, get a meal in 5 minutes and then consume the entire thing in another 5 minutes, walk and talk on our cell phones while eating our lunch, and we wonder why we have health issues?
In fact, in the U.S it is like we are proud that we work so hard, that we are so busy, that we just don’t have any time to eat. But look at the price we have paid.
We want to switch back to mindfulness and listen to our body.
You need to pay attention. How do you feel when you eat a dark leafy green salad? How do you feel after a fast food burger? Energized, bloated, fatigued, clear headed, headachy, irritable, etc?
When you start to make the switch to whole foods and you pay attention to how your body feels when you eat them, then you are more inclined to keep eating those foods. You will remember how you feel say when you eat a processed, packaged meal.
Noticing this could take around 30 days, so be patient and give it time. And if your diet consists of mostly, sugar, white flour, additives and chemicals, you may not feel great early on as your body adjusts to the whole foods-there is a period of time you may think you are better off eating the processed foods-this process can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days for most.
So yes, mindfulness/intuitive eating can help you with weight loss.
Here are the basic “rules” to follow with mindful eating in order to lose weight.
1. Do not eat any food in front of the computer, while working (take a lunch break for God’s sake!), in front of the TV, in front of the Fridge, while standing/walking, in the car.
2. Instead, eat meals and snacks at a table
3. Before you eat, look at your food. Is it vibrant in color, look pretty and appetizing or brown, beige and bland looking? Take in the smell of the food. Be thankful for the food. Take three deep belly breaths before your first bite of food.
4. No liquids with your meals and snacks.
5. Chew each bite of food 15-20 times! (very important!). Enjoy and savor each bite instead of inhaling your food. Appreciate this time to nourish your body.
6. Pay attention to how you feel, before, during and after the meal. Were you hungry? Do you feel satisfied? Do you feel very full?
7. If portion control is an issue for you, use a smaller plate such as a dessert plate instead. Fill the plate with vegetables, vegetarian or meat sourced proteins, leafy greens, small amount of carbs such as quinoa, sweet potato or beets for example, healthy fats such as EVOO, avocado, raw nuts and seeds.
Following these steps early in the weight loss process can help dramatically. Some people need more support with learning how to eat balanced meals and portion control, but these are good first steps towards weight loss and eating a healthier diet.
Best of luck with your weight loss journey and if you need more support feel free to reach me at ____@____.com

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