Weighing Pros and Cons of FIOS

Updated on October 10, 2007
L.T. asks from Bethel Park, PA
6 answers

I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of switching to fiber optics (FIOS) for our telephone and internet service (Verizon for both). I know the pros - clear quality, faster connections - but I don't know of any cons, other than potential costs. Does anyone have any knowledge of or personal experience with FIOS?

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answers from Harrisburg on

Don't know if it is too late for you or not - but i have FIOS in my home and have since about Feb/March - I LOVE IT - we upgraded from DSL - so we were already at a pretty fast pace - but there is NO comparison. FIOS is TOTALLY worth it - no doubt about it!



answers from Erie on

Hi L.,

We just order the Verizon package maybe a month ago, I do like the quality of it. We never have a problem with our phone - but the internet doesn't always come up. We're always connected, but very once in a while it freezes on up, but that could also be our computer too. other than that we have been happy with it. Hoped this helped!
A. C.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I've had fios for about 4 months now and have no complaints. Internet works well, phone works well. I was also told by the man that installed it, that fiber optics will be the only way in a couple of years anyhow, so you may as well as just get it done now!



answers from Harrisburg on

Hi L. ~ We have had fios for our internet for about a year now. I can say nothing but good about it. The installer was knowledgeable, friendly and quick. Connection to sites are almost instant. We went with Vonage for phone because verizon didn't yet have that available in our area until just recently and unfortunately we're under contract with them for awhile or I would switch immediately to verizon. Hope this is helpful to you. Blessings ~ J.



answers from Reading on

I am happy with it - overall. It is an "always-on" connection, but I have the same problem someone else mentioned - it freezes occasionally. Then I have to go through the hassle of resetting the router, etc. Phone - I'm not as happy with. It is usually fine, but there are times that it's exactly like a cell phone with a a low signal.

Good luck! I'll never go back to dial up again so I am willing to put up with the little headaches!

K. E.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi L.
Well my husband happens to work for verizons competition Comcast. I cant personally vouche for verizon however I have some friends and family that have it and hate it. Many have said they would pay the early termination fee just to not have it anymore. They have problems with poor picture quality, losing phone connections. They have all had tons of over billing and have had a hard time getting credited. Fios is only fiber optic from the telephone pole to your house then verizon uses the existing cable in your home. Comcast is also fiber optic in most areas. If you live in a comcast area, Id chose that over verizon any day....and thats not just because my hubby works for them either ! :-)
Hope that helps.
A. R

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