Vitamix or Blendtec as a Wheat Grinder?

Updated on November 15, 2012
C.F. asks from South Jordan, UT
5 answers

I had been looking to purchase a wheat grinder for around $150. But then at costco they were doing a demonstration with a high power blender as a wheat grinder. I was impressed but not sold yet. Do any of you have experience with a blendtec or vitamix as a wheat grinder? Is it a hassle to have to fill with a few cups of wheat grind and then pour out to have to continue this process over and over instead of the constant flow of a wheat grinder? Just curious if I should buy a wheat grinder or spend double for a blender that will do wheat as well? Thank you!

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answers from Albuquerque on

The Vitamix is pretty amazing. The one that grinds wheat (the 5200C with the dry container upgrade) costs about $500, but it will do so much more too. If you want to make smoothies, ice cream, or even blend and cook soup, you can do that in the Vitamix. It's not a huge hassle to fill it with a few cups of wheat, grind, dump, and repeat... but if you were doing that daily it might be slightly tiresome. If all you want to do is grind wheat, go with a regular grinder.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Vitamix. We make a fresh loaf of bread daily for our family of 6 in our dry container.

Don't have the Blendtec, so I can't say.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love my Vita-mix but hear Blentec is better, especially if you have a big family.


answers from Washington DC on

my blendtec does a good job. it is a hassle to keep pouring it out, but geez, not that big a deal. the nice thing about the blender is that it does SO much more. i don't ever want to be without one again.
my mums got a vitamix and i think i like it even better than my blendtec, although i can't speak to grinding grain specifically.


answers from Detroit on

Go with the Vitamix. I researched blenders before purchasing my ninja and I would love to have a vitamix!

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