Uneven Piercing of Toddler!

Updated on September 28, 2019
J.C. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
14 answers

My daughter is 2 years old and I got her ears pierced yesterday. The right side is a little high on the earlobe. I am concerned, would it hurt to wear earrings with bigger top, once she grows up? Should I remove right earring and let it close and heal. I am scared to re-do it as I am not sure if piercing again a little below the previous one is a good idea. What if it gets merged?

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answers from New York on

When I had an ear piercing certificate and someone was not satisfied with the location of the piercing we had them remove the earring, wait 6 weeks for it to heal and then we would re pierce.
My second warring holes are uneven. and I barely notice it. No one else notices it either

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answers from Norfolk on

I know people do this but she can do without holes in her ears.
Let them heal up and try again when she's older - I'd say 16 but I'm sure you'll have her pierced before kindergarten.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I would just take them out and let them completely close up. Let her do it for her birthday when she is 8 or 9 or so! She will be excited. My daughter was over the moon with happiness when we took her on her birthday. She said it was the best day of her life. It was a little scary but she wanted it so bad she was brave. She loved picking out the earrings. I have on ear done at the wrong angle and it really bugs me...a dangling earring on that side always turns so only the side of the earring shows.

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answers from Boston on

What is the reason for piercing her ears? Do you come from a culture or a religion where this is required or emphasized? If so, you can ignore what else I'm adding here, and follow your religious beliefs or cultural norms.

Otherwise, I think you see the risks of piercing a toddler's ears. Kids move/squirm, the earlobes are so small that an average-to-good technician can't always guarantee even placement, and of course they fuss with their ears and cause irritation and even infection.

I agree with you not to re-pierce the ear and have 2 holes so close together.

Barring a strong cultural imperative, I'd take the earrings out, let things heal, and wait until your child is 10 or so and really wants earrings and is able to maintain them. I know that there was a time when people pierced little girls' ears if they had little hair or otherwise "looked like a boy." But that changed decades ago when men started having pierced ears and people gave up the idea of girls-pink/boys-blue and the need for the public to be able to label kids by gender. Other than ear piercing and infant/toddler headbands with bows, I think most people have moved beyond that.

Maybe she won't even want earrings. Maybe she'll want to choose her own. Maybe you will wish you didn't have to spend money on more earrings. There are so many years ahead of you to enjoy your child growing up, it's just a shame to rush things and then have these sorts of problems. There's truly no hurry, and you're precluding the fun of doing this when she's old enough to make her own choice and take you with her.

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answers from San Francisco on

Remove it, let it heal for a few months, and get it done somewhere else. At your daughter's age it will heal just fine. It won't merge, but give it a few months so that you know it's completely healed before you re-pierce it.

I'm not a fan of piercing little girls' ears but I doubt I'll change your mind.

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answers from Miami on

I would absolutely let them both close on their own and let her get old enough to want them herself. If you let them grow together now, there probably won’t be a scar. And then the holes can be done properly with her earlobes more fully formed.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I pierced had my daughter's ears pierced at 3 months and got backlash for it. I didn't care what people thought so don't worry about the people who are questioning why you had her ears pierced. Anyway take the earring out and let it heal and have it pierced by someone else. Good luck.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,
I think it is better to take them out and heel. I never let my daughter get her ears pierced until she is 21, because I hear news that after kids get their ears pierced they rub them a bunch and it becomes a distraction. So, I think it is best to hide the uneven piecing and ignore it.
Ps: She could wear clip on earrings.

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answers from Washington DC on

why not take them both out and wait until she's old enough to decide for herself?

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answers from Miami on

Ears grow. Maybe it won't be a concern. One of my daughter's piercings looked higher than the other. I had her ears pierced around the same time you did and had the same concern. She is now a teen and the piercings look virtually identical, though she tends to wear hoops or slightly dangling earrings, not the big-topped studs.

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answers from Portland on

My daughter just had her 6 yo daughters ears pierced. My granddaughter wss so excited, still is a month later. I'd wait to pierce until she's older when she's actually involved.

I would take the earrings out and let the hole heal. Your daughter is so young. Her ears will heal without leaving a scar.

My daughter had her first daughters ears pierced when she was close to when she was a year old. My daughter took the earrings out after a few weeks because taking care of them was difficult. Her daughter pulled on her ears which added more of a chance of infection. Most importantly, baby wasn't like them. She thenwaited until she was older to pierce them again.

If having your daughter have pierced ears at this time is important to you, i suggest letting the ear with the too high piercing heal and pierced again. I suggest you ask the person who did the piercing what she suggests unless you don't trust her to pierce in the correct position.

My daughter, my oldest granddaughter and I have let the holes heal and got new piercing several times. Whatever you do or don't do is not going to be permanent. Relax.

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answers from Tampa on

I would probably take them out, both. Let them heal and try again but when she wants to.

Do they not put a little dot anymore? If they do check. Also make sure angle is the same.. one of mine is a bit off and honestly it drives me crazy. One hoop is straight the other one is painting away from the face!! ( with hoops it shows the most!) Grr

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answers from Boston on

I'll never understand the big deal over piercing little girl's ears. My daughters and granddaughters got their ears pierced very young. In all cases the holes were perfectly placed however if they hadn't been I would have removed the earring and have it pierced correctly after it healed.

So at this point if you are unhappy with the placement take out the earring and let it heal. Then have it repierced.

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answers from Portland on

Where tadpole has experience with this, I'd go by her suggestion (take them out, and if you're so inclined, redo in 6 weeks - preferably not by same person.)

My mom had hers done and they are way up high, I have no idea why the did them like that, mind you her earlobes are attached (the kind that don't dangle from ears) but to answer your question - no, even though the holes are high up on earlobe, earrings have never hurt her earlobe to wear. She wears earrings of all shapes and sizes and has never once mentioned it. So - if that answers your question - I don't think it would be a concern.

I have holes that are both exactly in the same spot, and earrings don't face the same way on me. I am wearing diamond studs now, and one points straight and the other faces down. So it can just go funky regardless. They were done correctly. I have no idea why - it's just how my holes have warped over time I suppose (I'm in my fifties). They weren't always like this - they used to be straight. Hoops now go wonky too, just in last few years.

If it's not way high up, and you're the only one who would notice (i.e. you're the type who would look for flaws - as some of us are), I don't know if I'd put a toddler through this again. That's just my opinion. How'd she do the first time. If it were me, I'd ask my friends (someone who'll be honest) how bad it is. I thought these places had guides they use when doing piercings. If not, tadpole's advice would be what I'd follow as she's experienced.

Good luck.

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