Toddlers First Halloween Doubts ?

Updated on October 26, 2019
S.M. asks from Houston, TX
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This October will be my sons 1st Halloween. Last Halloween he was too small to take him trick-or-treating so we just bought him a costume and took pictures . This year he’s 1 yr old and we can finally take him . Long story short will I be judged if I decide to take him house to house trick-or-treating ? Since he can’t really eat candy . I don’t want parents to think I’m using him to get candy and keeping it to myself . We’ve given him small pieces of chocolate but that’s about it (The hard candy are obviously choking hazards for his age) .
Maybe I’m over thinking it since I’m a first time parent . I just have a feeling other parents will judge me because he’s still just 1yr old . Every year I give out candy I only see 4 year olds and up .

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answers from Anchorage on

I love it when parents bring young babies to my house to trick or treat so I can see all the cute little costumes!

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answers from Chicago on

We get lots of babies in arms here, some are siblings of older kids, but some are not. I LOVE seeing all the kids. Anyone who would judge you is not worth worrying about, and honestly, I don't think anyone is going to judge a baby. Around here, some folks do judge the teens, but I love them too! It's a fun holiday, and we all need a little fun, especially these days, don't we?

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answers from Boston on

I moved a few years ago and one big thing I miss is that there is no trick-or-treating on my busy street (I go with my kids to their friends' neighborhoods). my old house, I LOVED seeing babies in costume, and their enthusiastic parents. Go out, have fun, and do whatever feels right for trick-or-treating. Decline candy if you want, accept it if you want, it's all good. I took my oldest out when he was 1 (dressed as a bumble bee, I think) and the neighbors got a kick out of it. When I had more kids, I was out with the older ones anyway so it wasn't weird but we had fun with themes like Star Wars (baby Ewok, baby Yoda) and the costumes were a big hit. Have fun celebrating!

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answers from Washington DC on

yes, you'll get judged. you'll also get judged when he's 4 because you do or don't walk him up to each door, or for his costume. you'll get judged when he's 11 because he's too forward or too shy or doesn't say thank you loudly enough. you'll get judged when he's 16 and still wants to trick or treat because they're too cheap to give candy to a teenager.

enjoy your little boy. pop him into a pumpkin costume, take lots of pictures, and take him trick or treating so everyone else can enjoy him too.

if you feel self-conscious about the candy, don't take it. smile and say 'he's too small for candy, we're just having fun!'

or take it and eat it. i myself have little patience for people who encourage trick or treaters and then parse which ones deserve it. i'd give you an extra full-sized candy bar for enjoying halloween enough to take your baby out.

you're a young mom. this is just an early occasion of the many, many, many things you'll have to feel guilty and judged over as your little fellow grows up. don't sweat it- most of us develop a thick skin fairly early.


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answers from Atlanta on

oh my word!! i LOVE seeing babies at my door for Halloween in their cute costumes!!

Stop worrying about what other people will feel about you. This is YOUR life. You're not doing anything wrong.

Keep your expectations low, as in, know he will tire easily and most likely be done within 30 minutes.

Find out if any churches or high schools near you are doing Trunk 'r Treating. It's a great place to walk around and check out all the other costumes.

ETA: To Robin, I'm sorry you've lost family recently. Halloween used to be about celebrating the life of the dead and "seeing" them again. If you find this holiday distasteful? Keep your front porch light off. And to your statement that "anyone knows that an adult at their door with a baby is really out to get candy for themselves...and are avoiding having to buy and distribute candy at their own homes. Not cool..." I call BS on. I know people who take the candy and give it to their dentist or orthodontist who then sends it to our troops who are deployed.

I think you need to step back and use your grief in a more positive manner.

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answers from New London on

Good afternoon,

I think trick or treating with a one yr old is more about the parents being excited as the child will be carried or pushed in the stroller to the festivities.

At that age, I took my child to my parent's house and to a few neighbors houses so they could fuss over the costume and so we all could take photos. Tell your family, neighbors, friends that you will be visiting them. An hour or two will be plenty of time for trick or treating.

With that being said, children are soaking in language at age one. So read cute little books about Halloween from the library over the next few wks. Recite the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and other Halloween fingerplays. Also, use the Halloween night experience to talk about the costumes, the lights, the holiday decorations, etc....Make it a learning experience/bonding/happy experience.

People love to see the little ones dressed up in their costumes, so that in itself is a BIG thrill.
I always saved the candy for me - Especially the Milky Way Bars!

Happy Halloween!

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answers from San Francisco on

You are going to have to learn to do what you think is best with your child, without worrying about judgment. People judge all the time; it's in their nature. You are going to face plenty of judgment while parenting, but most people have the good graces to keep their opinions to themselves. Hopefully people who want to share their advice will do it helpfully and kindly. You will make mistakes throughout this journey, but you will learn from them.

However, sure, take your child trick-or-treating. If I remember correctly, at that age you will cover only about one block, and it will be plenty. But it will be fun for your child, even if he doesn't eat the candy. If parents are judging you for that and worrying about what you do with the candy then they need to get a life.

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answers from San Antonio on

I'm trying to think back to my kids. For my oldest I found cute Halloween style shirt (I love my Mummy) or outfit and we went to visit family and friends from newborn to around 4 or 5 years old. Once he started wanting a costume I am thinking it was 3-ish because he had dress up play stuff, I would take him to pick out a costume. But we still just went to family/friend's homes to visit and get candy.

Once we started door to door he was closer to 4 or 5 and we would just go to close neighbors near our house and around the homes of family who wanted to see my kids in costume.

His younger sister was 2 or 3 when we started door to door so she got to go earlier and usually had a costume as well.

So I am thinking 1 is a bit young to go door to door; however, we see really young ones out trick or treating like newborn to 2 years old and it doesn't bother me because it is Halloween and you want to show off your cute baby and costume.

You do you! If you want to dress him up and go around and meet your neighbors, go for it. I'd give you candy and admire your son's adorableness.

(This might be close to my last Halloween trick or treating with my high-schooler decided he wants to stay home this year only my daughter wants to go out in the neighborhood with her friend group.) So you enjoy each year and take a lot of pictures!! Hugs!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia!

Does it really matter what others think or feel about you taking your 1 year old out to start a tradition? It shouldn't. WHY ON EARTH do you care what other people think or feel about taking your son out for Halloween??

We took our boys out when they were babies. We talked with neighbors. We laughed and ooohh'ed at the decorations.

Stop worrying about what other people will think or feel about you.You're not doing anything illegal or wrong.

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answers from Miami on

Why do you care what a bunch of strangers think about you getting candy, if that's what is stopping you? They can choose not to give you candy, if they find it "offensive" to have a baby trick-or-treating. Most people are kind enough to not worry about losing a bar or two of candy to an adult, and want to see kids' costumes and for them to enjoy the sites of twinkling lights and spooky decorations. They think it is cute to indulge a baby and his parents on the baby's first Halloween.

You can always decline the candy, though I'm sure they will insist you take it, for your efforts of walking up and down the block. Besides, there is no rule that says candy can only be eaten by children (my co-workers will certainly agree with me on that, they have emptied a Jack-O-Lantern full of chocolates that I have on my desk, in less than a week!). My daughter has braces, she won't eat a lot of the candy she gets, but there are orthodontists who will buy back candy and donate it to the troops, and that's what we plan to do. In the meantime, we enjoy the comments on costumes, seeing other kids' costumes, decorations, and sometimes, getting spooked by the person answering the door in character!

People who have hang-ups about who can and cannot get candy should just turn off their porch light and not participate. Halloween is meant to be a fun, magical time, where people laugh at costumes, decorate their homes, and can be goofy, and if you're not into that, kindly refrain from participating. Don't overthink things and go out and have fun. Most people are not bitter Judgy McJudgersons and if they have extra candy because a lot of kids don't come to their block, they will be happy to give it to you (happens to us most years, when we go trick-or-treating). I loved Suz T's answer. People will judge you no matter what, just ignore it and move on.

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answers from Washington DC on

Go show him off in his cute costume and enjoy this fun time!! It goes so fast!! He won’t last too long so just take him to some of your favorite neighbors’ homes.
We have lots of tiny ones come to our door. We love it!!
Added after reading below: Wow! People are REALLY over analyzing this!! It’s just a fun kids holiday. Lighten up folks.

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answers from Indianapolis on

If you want to take your son then take him. I have had babies in strollers trick or treating and they didn't have teeth. I even had a pregnant women tell me the candy was for the baby while she rubbed her stomach so don't worry what others think. This is a fun time so enjoy it.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Take him if you want to. If he gets fussy, you can always take him home.
Don't worry about whether he can eat the candy.
And don't worry about what other people will think.

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answers from Boston on

So, figure out why you're doing it. It's not for the candy for him, right? And it's not for the candy for you, right? So what is it?

You're going to ask yourself these questions as you go through his baby, toddler, elementary, tween and teen years. There are things you want your child to experience, and things you want to experience which you hope your child will enjoy or at least manage to endure. We see questions about first birthday parties and big theme events/venues for 2 and 3 year olds. You'll face all of that too.

If you want the fun of dressing your child up and seeing other people ooh/ahh over him, fine. Say so. I really don't think anyone will think you're doing it for the candy - it would be way easier and way cheaper to just skip the costume/walking and sit hone with a bag of M&Ms you bought for yourself, right? Have you considered tagging along with a neighbor? We have people all the time who go in groups to chat and laugh and sort of keep an eye on each other's kids, and sometimes there's a baby in that mix. We all know the baby doesn't know what's going on, and it's fine. We don't think the parents are stiffing us for candy, not at all. Just set a limit for yourself of a certain number of houses or a certain amount of time, and make sure your friends know you may need to cut out early if you get cold or your child gets fussy. Put on a costume yourself or some funny Halloween headband, and go have fun.

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answers from Portland on

We never took ours until older, unless they went out with their older siblings but they didn't collect candy. We had them in a wagon or stroller or something (dressed up). They didn't collect candy until the could actually go and ask for it - if that helps.

If you came to my door, with 1 year old in cute costume, I wouldn't assume you're out just to get candy for yourselves (who thinks like that?). I would think your baby was cute.

We always get a few little ones every year that just do a few houses. They are usually a little older 2-3.

Up to you :)

* Love Suz's answer - yes you will be judged, you will forever more, but just take that in stride. Let that go. Don't let it worry you. Do what you want and what works for you :) People who are caught up in caring what you are doing have nothing else going on.

Honestly - we did family costume themes when ours were little, and the littlest always went along with it, so we had tiny ones dressed in themes too. We just didn't have a bag for them - but they were very festive. It was cute. YOU will have fun and that's al that matters. If you are worried, go to the nice older people (seniors) - those neighbors, or the neighbors you know. Just go to a few homes.

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answers from Springfield on

We took our kids when they were that age, and most people said, "Aaawww! He's so cute!" I would bring a stroller and be prepared for him to only want to go to a few houses before he's "done."

Take pictures, and have fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter's first trick-or-treating was at 15 months and my son's was at 9 months. It was mostly for dressing them up in a costume and to take pictures. We did get a few pieces of candy, but they weren't given to them.

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answers from New York on

I took mine at that age to my immediate neighbors. 4 houses only because they wanted to see kids dressed up.

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answers from Denver on

If you live in a neighborhood that is walking-friendly (sidewalks, houses with lots of kids, etc), then it might be nice to simply take your son out in the late afternoon/early evening, just to walk around, see the kids, look at the lights. If you know a particular neighbor, just go knock on their door and say something like "hi, we're out enjoying a walk and thought you'd like to see our little guy in his costume". But I wouldn't knock on random strangers' doors. If you want to give your son a treat, buy a toddler-friendly treat that you can trust and let your son have a special dessert. Then let him see the kids who will come to your door, and wait until next year to actually take him trick-or-treating.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think what you want to do is dress him up and have fun. I think you would have the most fun going to an event. Malls, community centers and churches have them around here. Check what is available in your area.

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answers from Tampa on

I say purchase 3 Halloween costumes ( tie the theme together like minions and gru) and go have fun! Go to few friendly homes that you know.. see and be seen! We live in hoa and always get invited for a glass of vino.. lol

Don’t forget the stroller!
Take ton of pictures! ( of every 1st anything and everything!)

As far as being judged— you like all of us have been, are and will be judged.. on everything from a hair color to a restaurant we attend.. so who cares! You will never please all.. and the only ones you need to please are you, hubby baby and close friends and family.

Ps after you get home, dump the candy on the table and take pictures.. and either post or save pic with writing something like not bad for his 1st time! Lol
Have fun!!

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answers from San Francisco on

I guess I don't really see the point of taking him trick or treating since he 1) will have no clue what's going on and 2) doesn't eat candy?
I wouldn't judge you but I would find it kind of weird, unless of course you are trick or treating with family and friends with older kids and just looking to spend time with them.

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answers from New York on

Many places in my area do a trunk or treat. (Churches, local library, schools) people decorate their trunk and you trick or treat from trunk to trunk. Maybe this is an easier option to try, you can stop at the favorite decorations to compliment their decorations. Meet up with friends if you have them and have fun!

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answers from Norfolk on

He won't remember it and he can't eat anything he gets - it's a choking hazard until hes at least 3 years old.
What we use to do was - first year we dressed him up in a costume and took our son to the mall in his stroller for their Halloween event and it was full of kids of all ages and their parents.
We could see other kids costumes and parents told us how cute our son was.

The next few years we went to a town Halloween parade.
It was well lit - it was safe - everyone of all ages wore costumes - you didn't have to go door to door because the floats threw enough candy where everyone was satisfied.
That parade was our favorite thing till we moved away from the area.

Wait a few years and you can take your child to make the rounds.
You are jumping the gun - it's too soon for trick or treating - its not for babies/toddlers.
Perhaps you could dress up and go to a Mama and Me party for babies/toddlers.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I think it doesn't matter what others what feels fun to you! I personally would love to see an adorable baby in his costume if you came to my door! Walk around with some friends and have a good time!

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answers from Philadelphia on

At that age I just took my daughter to close neighbors houses for a little visit so they could see her in her costume. I don't think we even carried a bag for candy.

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answers from Albany on

Personally I find the whole holiday distasteful. We all have family that is stricken with life threatening illnesses or have just died. How can it be 'fun' to turn death into a fun thing?... I really don't get it. But to each his own.
I would suggest you dress him up and let him see some of the kids at your door.
As for taking him out...anyone knows that an adult at their door with a baby is really out to get candy for themselves...and are avoiding having to buy and distribute candy at their own homes. Not cool...



answers from Memphis on

I have 4 kids and i took my kids out before they turned 1. Dont worry about what people think or say thats your child if you want to take him out do it. They have cute costumes for his age and he will probably love it. All my kids fell asleep after that long walk so it was a great night for me. Good luck!!!



answers from Louisville on

Its all about showing off your cute baby! People handing out candy know this, go and have fun!

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