Updated on March 25, 2007
C. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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During the "Snow Day" this past week my daughter's power to her room cut off. After investigating on my own, I called an electrician out. We discovered the source of the problem--squirrels! The little rodents had chewed through the electrical wiring and shorted out/blew the fuse. When we installed a new security system two days later, we discovered the problem we were having with the system-again, squirrels! They chewed through it and the wire dropped down the wall into a corner pocket of the house that the alarm company could not get to.

We have placed a squirrel trap in the attic. We plan to set the squirrel free, far away from our home. What I would like to know is if any of you had dealt with these lovely little creatures and what worked best for you.


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So What Happened?

We haven't caught a squirrel yet. My husband found the place (5 in diameter!) that they were coming in at. We apparently have a smart squirrel! It was able to get the orange slices out of the trap without triggering the trap. On to Plan B--the fox urine.

Thanks for the advice. I never in a million years would have thought of fox urine.

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Setting traps in your attic is the way to go if they are in the house already. Buy a pellet gun and have some target practice for the ones in your yard now.

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Those pesky creatures! I've had them in my attic as well. Here is an "old timers" solution, but I promise it works. Put a bottle (or more depending on the size of your attic) of fox urine (opened) in your attic. The smell is overwhelming and drives rodents away (as well as you!). You can find this at feed stores or places that sell organic gardening supplies. Also, try to find where they are getting into your attic; otherwise, your problem will be ongoing. If all else fails, call your exterminator company. Don't delay in getting this problem fixed - squirrels can be very destructive (as you already know) and cause a lot of damage that will end up costing you. I'm speaking from experience on this.
Good Luck!

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I heard that you can get fox urine and it drives them away. A neighbor of mine recommended that I get a pair of panty hose and fill it with fox urine, tie it up and toss it in the attic. Supposedly the fox is a predator of squirels and they won't stay in your attic. After you get rid of them, you need to search your facia boards (the boards underneath your roof overhangs) to see if any are loose, or if the squirels ate a hole in them. Replace them, and tighten them if necesarry. Just don't do it with the squirels still in there or you will have death smell for months.

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I have the same problem although they have never chewed through any wires. We can hear them running around on our heads though. It is a very frustrating problem because if you seal them out, and they have babies in your attic....they will rip your roof off trying to get back in. This happened to my mothers friend, and they caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. They also mate for life...so if you accidently seal their mate in....well you know where I am going with this. I can see where the previous home owner tried to seal them out...and they have clawed at the wood and pulled everything off again. They are also pretty hard to trap as the stinkers are pretty smart. look into the fox urine....and good luck!

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