Seemingly Unusual Sensitivity to Sunlight

Updated on January 28, 2008
A.E. asks from Raleigh, NC
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Although I welcome the recent stretch of sunny days with open arms, they have introduced a new concern about the health of my toddler's eyes. I have a 2yr old that is highly irritated by the sunlight that gets in her eyes when she's seated in her car seat. The way she screams and cries leads me to believe she could be feeling pain and I've started to research potential eye conditions. She does rub her eyes a lot, and I've attributed that to dry skin on her eyelids, but I'm worried it's something more. Any ideas? I am going to invest in those window shades for the back seat (which will do nothing about the light that comes in from the front) and possibly some sunglasses....but I'm looking for insight/experience w/any potential vision problems as a response to this posting...Thanks!

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In my daughter case she was very sensitive too when she was a baby she had sensory integration dysfunction, also she had sound sensitivity. You can talk with your pediatrician about it. I gave Cod liver oil and helped a lot. By the way she is 7 and doing well.



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I don't have this problem but I have a few suggests for getting the sun out of her eyes. A hat, sunglasses,a pillow to put her face on when the sun comes in, a tent around her w/ a blanket have an opening where she can see you and the shades. We go on trip every two or three months with my children and it helps to have these things handy. They are always in my car!
Take her to the doctor just to check that everything is okay and go see an eye doctor.
Hope this helps,

ps my daughter cries like she is dying if the sun is on any part of her body. lol nothing is wrong w/her when I put her in her blanket tent!



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Might want to have her eyes checked. If you're looking for a pediatric ophthalmologist, we've been happy with Dr. Zwaan at the medical center by St. Luke's. He's been practicing for years and seems to know his stuff. It's just him in the practice, so it's small, and sometimes there is a bit of a wait, but probably because he's very patient and answers all our questions.

Hope you're able to figure out what the problem is!




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Maybe her eyes do not dialate right? sometimes when we go from inside to out. That really stumps me some and would suggest taking her for testing with eye doctor.

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