Seeking Someone Who Paints Murals

Updated on September 10, 2008
A.F. asks from Saint Louis, MO
4 answers

Hello- I'm looking for someone who paints murals in kids rooms in the st. louis area. Does anyone know of someone? Thanks

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answers from St. Louis on

YES! My girlfriend, Andrea does amazing work. She painted my son's bedroom and every day I look at it and smile :) It's exactly what I wanted. You can check her out at her website:

She's very sweet, professional, and quite talented. Let her know J. and Logan say 'hi'! :)


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answers from St. Louis on

Sarah Linquist who also does scenery for the Muny, has been painting murals -- including for kids' rooms -- for years. Her contact information is at the bottom of her website homepage ... .



answers from St. Louis on

I have a friend who does this. Her name is Kathy Hahnel and lives in South St. Louis City. I am going to forward this on to her to contact you to discuss details. She's great!



answers from St. Louis on

Hello A.,
I have the perfect person for you to paint a mural. Her name is Sara Zigman. She is an amazing mom of triplet girls. Sara is extremely creative and an amazing artist. She has her own company three little ziglets. The website is Her email is [email protected] phone number that you can catch her at is ###-###-####. She does murals, furniture and bedding. I hope this helps you out.

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