Root Canal Without Novocaine???

Updated on December 08, 2008
C.L. asks from Elcho, WI
4 answers

I found out last week that I have to have two root canals. I did the first one last week, and the other one is scheduled for this week. I am very much afraid of needles, (always have been, probably something happened during my childhood). I was brave and toughed it out last week, however I am still slightly numb on that side. I didn't like how my whole side on that side of my face felt numb and still does a little bit, including my nose on that side. Has anyone ever had a root canal done without using novacaine? Would you do it again?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Never in a million years! Take a valium before the procedure, to calm your nerves, but don't do the RC without being numb. I've had one RC on one tooth and when they started the medication was numbing around the tooth but I could still feel it..they had to insert the novacaine directly into the tooth-THAT was the most painful thing EVER..for 2 secs it was horrible..however, compared to being able to feel the entire procedure as I was about too, it was the better alternative. I have had a tooth filled without novacaine and never again, I consider myself to have a pretty strong pain tolerance, but no way.



answers from Fargo on

My doc gives me a little gas too because I am SO anxietied out now because I had to have a root canal when pregnant and with other complications I could not have anything.
No-one ever deserves that pain or can imagine it, but it lasts the rest of your life. Even the smell of the same air freshners that dentist had when I smell them in public bathrooms (cherry blossom) I start to feel the anxiety.
you can take chamomile teething tablets that are all natural before you go. they are for kids but you can take many because they are all natural and like a calming cup of tea! I will be praying for you eachday this week, that will help more than anything. Its not the needles its the anticipation, also bringyour favorite tunes to have in head phones for the procedure! (Elvis, Alabama, Foreigner, or



answers from Minneapolis on

Why, oh why would you consider that????? OUCH!!! I've never had a root canal, but my theory is if I can avoid BIG pain by taking a little pain, why not??? I have my impacted wisdom teeth taken out when I was NOT completely numb (not by choice) and it was AWFUL. More power to you if you think you can handle it. Good lcuk!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi there,
I cannot imagine doing one without novocaine. Explain the situation to your dentist--maybe he could ease back a bit w/ the amt. of novocaine to lessen the length of the numbness. I had a root canal a few years back, and I don't think I could have gotten through it w/ out the novocaine. However, the tooth is technically "dead", so you don't actually need the novocaine for the tooth getting the root canal, I think it's more for the surrounding teeth and nerves. Good luck w/ it all!

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