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Updated on August 22, 2009
M.G. asks from Mesa, AZ
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I want to cover the 9"x69" window along our front door. I'd like light to come in if possible, but, more importantly, for no one to see in at all. For example, I don't want people to see that we're home if my children run to the door when I don't want to go to the door. I've researched window films, even contact paper ideas, but want to find the most economical, non-permanent solution that also isn't gong to be so easily removed by little hands (no blinds, curtains). I'd love to know of stores, on-line sites that have good prices, results!

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JC has the same idea that I have. Except instead of Home Depot, there is a place at the Mesa Swap Meet off of Baseline and Signal Butte that may have exactly what your looking for and a large selection of different styles. You might considering going out there this weekend and taking a look. These window coverings are a great for a non-permanant solution. We had one at our old house to block the sun in the window over the door, and worked great. They can also help keep your house cooler, if you have direct sun in some of the windows.

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I used the window film sold at Home Depot for this exact same purpose. My mom had bought some at IKEA and it didn't really work and kept coming off. So, I picked out the stained glass print at Home Depot and LOVED it. It was hard to cut to match up the print and I wished I had gone with something that didn't have a design that needed to match up. Even though that was a little hard, it still took less than an hour to put it up. I loved the look! This was on a past house and when I drove by the house a few weeks ago, they had replaced the stained glass film with a frosted glass film. Both looked great!

I had two toddlers when I put this up and know what you mean about them running up to the door. We never had a problem with them pulling it off the windows.

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Hi M.-
I hear your issue! Stuck with a great view but forced to acknowledge any company-wanted or not. LOL
Now I know you said no blinds. But these kind are pretty new on the market. They are called honeycomb blinds. They are puffy and airy like. Comes in many colors and with patterns. These help filter the light in but keeps it discreet(no lines or holes to see through)
Here is a Googled link for reference: (I do not work for them or know them personally- just Googled it for you to look at)
The other good thing about these is that you could pull them up to a distance off the floor- to keep away from the kids if need be. And if someone has the GALL to bend down to look in the window opening...they are rude. lol
And I know you also said nothing permanent. But.. for about $5 you can get a spray to frost your door. You can also etch it with or with out designs or patterns. Maybe the very highest row can be left clear and or the bottom row can be that way as well.
There is also latex paint that can be sprayed or painted on and comes off quite easily.
There are also curtains that have a small spring rod the same size as the window on the top and bottom of the windows. These stay in place. They do not move around and can be squished together or lays flat against the windows. Again- I know you said no curtains but this was one I thought may be an option.
Here is an example:

And lastly there is window tint in different shades that can be found almost any main place or hobby/craft store or Home Depot. I have found them the cheapest at different random dollar stores. But with those- the stock changes all the time so looking at several or calling is your best bet.
Good luck to you.=)

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sun screens work can't see in, but you can see it keeps the heat off of your windows.

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