Pregnant - but Need to Hide It a Little More from Office Workers

Updated on February 21, 2010
S.S. asks from Decatur, GA
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Anyone have any idea of some ways to hide their growing belly without drawing even more suspicion? I have to wait to tell my co-workers (and friends and family) until I am 13 weeks as I am a bit older and just want to play it safe. But my tummy is popping out a bit.

Any ideas on what to wear? My office is not terribly formally dressed. Jeans okay.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses. Its so silly to worry about hiding your pregnancy in the scheme of things, I realize. But I want my privacy for now. When I am told the baby is healthy and is developing on course I will shout it from the rooftops. (after a miscacrriage, admittedly, I am a bit nervous) But my boss is a gossip and gets grossed out if anyone mentions anything "female" or any body function for that matter. if I had a miscarriage and told him, he would be mortified. Also great knowing I am not the only older mom-to-be out there! Love hearing from the ladies who had healthy babies in their mid forties! So For Lent I am giving up worrying and I am wearing longer jackets that have a higher waist line and lots of scarves. Hurrah!

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answers from Atlanta on

I wore casual lose style dresses. Pants seemed to put the spot light out there to me. I was older, with my daughter, 46, but by dressing that way I was literally 7 months before any one even asked. I went with stylish dresses that made me look tastefully up to date. Good Luck! Happy Baby!

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Sweaters and tunic tops! So many tops out there make everybody look pregnant -with empire waists, and the flowy tunic look makes it easy to hide. Like the other post said, at 13 weeks you'll feel like your gut is sticking out, but it won't really be visible to everyone else. You'll probably have problems buttoning your pants though! I'm a big fan of J.Jill anyway, and many of their clothes took me into much later stages of pregnancy. Online and at Phipps and Perimeter.

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answers from Orlando on

Wearing black and baggy clothes hides the things that we do not want others to see.

A HUGE CONGRAT'S to you on your new bundle of joy.

God Bless ♥

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answers from Charleston on

Congrats on baby to be! So very exciting. I am 15 weeks pregnant right now, so I know how you feel. I have gotten good use out of my black skinny jeans (that are stretchy) with loose blouses, longer cardigans and scarves or looser dresses with a long scarf. Lucky for us right now, all these items are in style so noone really notices that you are purposely trying to hide your belly.



answers from Atlanta on

I'd go ahead and tell them. I understand your reasons for waiting, I was an older mom and nervous about potential complications when I was first pregnant. Then I realized that if, God forbid, something bad DID happen, that I would want all the support and sympathy I could get. And to have to tell them I was pregnant and that I had a complication in the same conversation just would seem too hard and complicated.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll have a beautiful baby!



answers from Washington DC on

Chunky sweaters and those button down sweater jacket things. I wore a larger size belt for two reasons. The first reason is if my jeans felt tight i could unbutton my jeans to give my tummy some more room and the belt covered it. The belt also popped my shirt out a little so if anyone thought my tummy was getting bigger it could have been attributed to the big buckle.

good luck !



answers from Portland on

There's some baggier looking shirts that are cute at some stores I went to this weekend. They have almost like pleats or something at the top but are pretty trendyish or cardigans or sweaters. I'm not a ton of help. Even though I lost weight my body changed so fast that I was wearing maternity pants at 10 weeks with my son.



answers from Las Vegas on

I did that and for the same reason. Maternity clothes are not what they used to be. They are actually very cute and comfortable. I started out by just letting out the top button on my pants and tucking the two flaps in. Then once I tried the maternity clothes, I found that the pants just had a thicker band around the waist the tops were very mild prego tops. No one knew until I let the word leak out. It also made the time go quicker because I didn't have the pro-longed constant, "how are you feeling, when is it due, etc."


answers from Chicago on

CONGRATS TO YOU! And I agree with the first response.



answers from Nashville on

Lucky for you it is winter, even in Georgia. Bulky sweaters hide bellies pretty well. Also, I got this thing called a Bella Band to put on over the top of jeans that let you wear your regular clothes a little longer, and once you are further along, it is a great thing for a little extra support. I wore mine constantly. If I forgot a day, I could feel the fatigue in my belly muscles and ligaments. It is just a big stretchy band of fabric, you can get it at maternity stores. I think you can check the bella band website and they will list local retailers. I highly recommend it. Congratulations!



answers from Spartanburg on

Complain periodically that you've gained weight and that you need to go on a diet. Then wear whatever you want.



answers from Seattle on

I found it helped to wear a jacket (or even a sweater) and leave it open/unzipped and a long scarf, just tied in front.
Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I had some golf-like shirts made of a thick material that hid pretty good. They were for my college, K-State, but I'm sure they must be made for other things.



answers from Augusta on

Honestly even at 13 weeks you won't be showing to anyone other than yourself. The baby is so small that the change you are noticing is abdominal bloating, not the uterus. So rest assured your secret will be safe:) Best wishes for your pregnancy.

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