Potty Training 3 1/2 yr.old

Updated on June 17, 2008
C.W. asks from Brentwood, TN
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My daughter will be 4 in Sept. For the past year we have been working on potty training. We started b/c she started showing signs of wanting to do it. That lasted for a while then she become uninterested and got a horrible bladder infection from holding it so she wouldn't wet herself. I backed off we went back to pull ups. Since then we have tried everything under the sun, from sticker charts, candy, toys, nothing is working. Most of the time she won't even tell me when she has to go. I was beginning to think maybe there was something going on internally. Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your responses. I will let you know how it all works out. Thanks again!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Hi C., I hate to say this but the older they are the harder it is....my grandmother is a pediatrictian and i can tell you you are starting this way too late now your daughter has probably become comfortble with wetting and soiling herself. first of all do not let her wear pull ups or anything besides underwear if possible then when she goes to the bathroom make her clean her own underwear, of course youll have to wash them after but it shows her there are consequenses to her actions....my son was potty trained by 13 months so i never had this problem however i have at least 5 friends who swear by this method good luck!

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answers from Huntington on

Hi, I think it really varies for all kids, some take 3 days others take a while. Here's how I finally got my oldest potty trained after 9 months of struggling with it.

I stripped her down to a bare bottom for the duration of the potty training. I would ask every 10 to 15 minutes if she had to go. Ofcourse I mopped up a lot of messes but I never made a big deal about the mistakes, I did however make a huge deal out of every success, I mean a big celebration, I would give her a sticker as a reward, we had a big poster board and every time she got it in the potty she would stick a sticker on her board, she was very proud of that and eventually she started going on her own without me asking every 10 minutes so she could get her sticker.

I found the more I fussed over her mistakes the more she regressed so don't flip out if she pee's on the floor 100 times, :)

Good luck




answers from Huntington on

I potty trained my 2 year old in three days. Here's how. Plan to stay home for a few days. Turn off all tv's and only give her a few toys to play with. Sit her on the potty every few minutes and let her play with a sticker book or sing her a song or read her a book. If she even pees a drop give her something like one m&m candy. Or what ever her favorite piece of candy is. Make a huge deal out of the small pees! I did this and it took me three days, and my son was only two. But you must get rid of the diapers and pull ups completely. You will have accidents, but I wouldn't make her clean it up like someone else said in there advice. She understands what she needs to do seeing how she's done it before.
Good Luck!



answers from Chattanooga on

Get rid of the pull ups comepletely. Plan to stay home for a few days. Makd sure you have lots of clean clothes. When she has an accident, make her help clean it up. After she feels pee running down her leg a few times and has to clean up poop and dump it in the potty, she will probably decide it is better to go on the potty. I put my kids in big kid underwear with vinyl panties over it. That gave the furniture and floors a little extra protection and the child a little extra time to get to the potty. Good luck.

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