Updated on May 22, 2013
J.S. asks from New York, NY
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my fair skinned 3 yr old get petechiae if he itches his neck or a shirt collar rubs or who knows why!!!....Had his CBC checked Monday and it was normal. Everything i read is scary....can this just occur in some kids or is it ALWAYS something bad.???
My ped is not concerned but i dont know of anyone that has this problem with their child(my older son doesnt get this)??????
ANYONE else out there with a healthy child that gets this????????????
***** Im waiting for ped to call me back so I can ask her about the platlet count....I am so worried about this

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So What Happened?

so my ped called and said platlet count is fine. I have no idea why he gets this????
he will go to derm next week.....could he have celiac and me not know???????....he doesnt complain of stomach pains but does have kind of explosive #2s

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I didn't know what these were, so I looked them up. I get them, my mom does, and so does my 2 year old, I just never knew the name of them. My doctor and my dermatologist has told me they are completely normal and not to worry about it. My mom's doctor and dermatologist said the same thing, and no, they are not the same. And, my pediatrician said that it can come from a viral infection and not to worry about it in kids. If the blood work is coming back normal, I would quit stressing. It is probably nothing, but fair skinned people do tend to have them more.

I looked like I had the measles the whole time I was pregnant because I threw up so much! My mom gets them all over her abdomen, and so does my son. But, we are all completely normal and fine. I hope your son is too, but he probably is as there is no reason to think he isn't.

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Please find a way to relax and let go of this fear. If you haven't talked with the doctor about your fears, do so now. Let him know you've read about causes and you're worried.

We go to doctors because we know that they have had a whole lot of training and experience. We need to trust that they know what they're talking about. Give him a chance to explain in more detail why he's not concerned.

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There's a ton of associated conditions-celiac, Kawasaki, etc.
I think your ped is doing the right thing to rule out the more serious conditions.
You'll have that knowledge soon--and knowledge is power.


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I get this around my eyes and on my face everytime I throw up. When I had morning sickness, it seemed that I looked like it all the time...

If your doctor says the bloodwork is okay, I think it's probably alright.

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Fair skinned people just get them easier than others. Or else you can see them better because they are so fair. If there were a problem in the blood, he would have them all over for no real reason, accompanied with bruises everywhere, and blue gums. In isolated spots for itching or rubs, is not a problem.

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Did they run a platelet count on your son?

Petechiae are caused by many could be allergies, trauma, etc. it be many things...

Ask if a platelet count was done in the blood test that was done. If not - have them do one.

Seek out a dermatologist - I know it's more than just a skin issue - however - it's a new set of eyes to look at the problem.

Good luck!

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