Pain After "Hsg" Procedure

Updated on August 14, 2009
M.R. asks from Sayreville, NJ
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I just have a HSG done 2 days ago(8/11), that was the worst pain I could ever feel. I faint during the procedure, they have to start an IV for me and wait like 2 hours, so I could get better. After that procedure I am in pain. It is a sharp stabbing pain and I feel so sick. Do any body have this procedure done and can you tell me if this is normal.

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So What Happened?

Thank everybody for your support. I called the Dr. and he asked me to see him on Friday. He checked me and prescribe antibiotic for 10 days. Thanks God I fell so good after 2 days of taking the antibiotic. Now I have to see him on Thrusday, so he can tell me the result of all the test I had done. I hope and have faith that everything will be fine.
Thanks again for your help!!!

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I had a horrible experience with my HSG - sooooo much pain! They could barely finish it - the first try didn't go very well, so he immediately tried again and got some good views but i've never felt such pain (and i've had some horrible procedures down there!). I did have one completely blocked tube and one that didn't spill out so was likely blocked at the top... i'd be willing to bet that had something to do with how much it hurt, because most people i've talked to say they only had mild cramping.
but my pain didn't last more than a few days... i think because your pain is so extreme you should really call your doctor, just to make sure its nothing they're concerned about. Maybe they can prescribe some really strong pain meds temporarily. Or maybe something isn't normal about what you're feeling and they'd want to see you back in.
Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!



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I had an HSG done and I did not feel any pain or discomfort. However, I did not have any blockages. I have heard that if you did/do have blockages or narrowing, it can be more painful. Some women are just more prone to cramping from the dye during the procedure too. I have heard of a lot of women pretty bad cramping pains for a week or two after the procedure, but I have never heard it described as a sharp stabbing pain. It is still probably normal, but since your pain sounds kind of extreme, I would suggest that you call your doctor and tell him/her just to be sure.
The good news is that I have heard of many women getting pregnant after the HSG because it can remove the blockages and allow the egg to move through the fallopian tubes.
I wish you the best of luck!



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i had hsg and it hurt like hell.. i didn't go back to work for a few days.. and rested.. after about 4 days i felt much better.. it was horrible having it done.. we have since adopted two wonderful children from Korea... good luck to you!!!!



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hi M., i had one done and had been warned about how painful it would be. my doctors had told me to premedicate with ibuprofen prior to coming. hopefully you won't have to have it again. i felt like a piece of luggage going through the x-ray machine on that cold metal table. it will all be worth it when you have your baby.



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I too had a HSG many years ago and agree it was pretty bad pain wise. The pain I had afterward lasted a few days but my doctor told me to expect it and take it easy which I did and was fine afterward. Did you get the results of it yet? They say if it is painful it means their is a blockage, I didn't have one and it definitely hurt worse than labor and delivery. If you are that concerned call your doctor. Hope you feel better soon.

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