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Updated on December 02, 2009
P.F. asks from Libertyville, IL
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Does anyone know how to keep my irresponsible neighbor's cat from hanging out at our house? I don't mean to offend but this is out of control. We have 3 "outdoor" cats in the neighborhood. I had to replace my front windows to windows that don't open because these cats sit outside my floor to ceiling front window and my cats were tearing apart my screens trying to get to it. So now I have pretty new windows (minus curtains, I can't afford to replace then every time an outdoor cat comes for a visit). I can't stand that everyone who drives or walks by can look inside my house but I have no choice. And now my cats just attacked each other because the cat is out there again. I have tried talking to the neighbor, I have used Cat Away, another neighbor suggested pinwheels since the spinning scares the cats. I brush my cats and put their fur outside. Nothing is working. I find it rude and inconsiderate that because these neighbors don't want their cat in their house it is disrupting our lives. Any ideas? The village can't do anything unless I catch the cat and turn it in to animal control.

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I'd say spray them with the hose or a squirt gun every time they come over. Annoying but it'll help train them to stay away.


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Try pepper or orange peels-they don't like either one.



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I am an animal lover but this would really disturb me. Not only are they causing damage to your house but they can also upset your pets and they may start urinating inappropriately due to the stress.
Some ideas that you can try:

1. Ask a shelter/animal control in your area for a humane trap to trap these buggers.
A product called scarecrow:
2. Garden Ghost from Premier Pet Products which is a motion detector air spray (both this and the above I am not sure if will bother your pets)
3. Tiny balloons tacked or taped to the sill. When the cats jump to the sill, claws are bound to catch and pop a few
4. Upside down carpet runners in sill so the plastic spikes are up
5. Reflective surfaces.. the reflective emergency blankets affixed across the sill
6. Scat mats

Good luck and let me know if any of these worked.



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I have the same problem with a neighbor that has 4 cats. We got a dog. ;-) I tried everything else, and nothing worked.

Catch them and turn them into animal control.

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