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Updated on April 22, 2008
E.L. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hi Ladies,
I am thinking about sending my way too smart 3 ½ year old son to Primrose of Parkwood Hill and was wondering if you have anything good/bad to tell me about the facility. He is currently in a Daycare (all day play) and I am starting him in preschool then Pre-K in August. I appreciate any and all feedback :-)


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answers from Dallas on

Hey Erika! i just have to say this...the name "Primrose" sounds great and they will tell you about how "great" they are! They will try to sell you the "curriculum" and what they are about! I am a speech therapist and have gone to many day cares to do speech with the kiddos, many being the HeadStart government funding daycares...when i took a break from 'speech' i accepted a job at Primrose as a teacher. They are NO different from the "Head Start" government daycares!! It's all in the name and i'm sorry for all of you who take your kiddos to the "best" daycares!!! They are all the same! As a matter of fact i think the "Head Start" day cares are better! Just to let you know...i worked at primrose for a month as a private kindergarten teacher and felt bad b/c the parents were "sold" in the name!! Daycares are the same... period. I am from a very educated family and if i were to put my kids in day care i'd put them with the "Head Start" daycares!! There is no difference! it's all in the name!! All i have to say is...Day Cares are all the same! Don't be fooled by the "names and reputation". i don't mean to be bitter, but that's the truth!!
JUST STAY HOME W/ YOUR KIDS!!! (if u can, of course!)

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My 2 year old goes there (the one at Parkwood Hill) and has since he was a baby baby. We looked at other places just recently, and not one of them compares to the school. I absolutely LOVE his teachers, and the directors are amazing!! I'm telling you I found absolutely nothing that compares. My son is so advanced, and I know it's from the school (already knows a ton of sign language and some Spanish on top of stuff that I didn't think he would know for a couple of years). I have nothing at all bad to say about it.

I think your son would be with Ms. Stephanie, and all the kids love her. She is so great with them and loves them, and they are so ready in my son's class to get to hers. She used to be in the younger class and moved not too long ago. Good luck!

Also, I just read the previous post, and I completely disagree with what she said. While I have not seen anything dealing with the kindergarden class, I know that I can come in at any time during the day and already know what my son will be doing. They have curriculum posted on the walls for parents to see along with what time each thing is occurring, and you bet that they are on track. I've made surprise visits often (as I teach less than a mile down the road myself). They are always engaged in something but still have free time to play outside (or inside if weather is bad). Work is being sent home daily, and my son tells me things that I am just amazed that he even knows.

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My daughter attended this Primerose 7 years ago and it was out of control. A lot of the same people work there. My daughter is friends with some of their children. I have 5 children 16, 14, 10, girls and boys 6 and 4 and now I stay home with them. Before I stopped working I tried Children's Courtyard LOVED IT!! On Beach, they are buliding a new one on Parkwoodhill.


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I would not recommend this Primose. Most Primose are ran well but this one is not. Please refer to the licensing report online.

They have been written up way to many times. This year they were written up for missing TB and notarized affidaviteds to work in childcare! This is mandatory last year they were written up for negative reinforcement by a teacher and they did not fire her!

Quoting licensing" A staff person failed to use a positive method of discipline when instructing a child to place their hands and arms in a bookbag in front of the class." This child wound up coming to the school I was just working for. She is an angel, but supposidly that is how they handled children that were acting out.

I left my job 2 weeks ago as an Assistant Director in childcare. I know the ends of the job. In your area I would recommend Harvest or the Childrens Lighthouse or Primrose of Heritage. Harvest teaching the A beka curriculum which is the number 1 home based curriculum and the number 1 Bible based for Childcare centers.

If you have any questions just ask me.


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