Need Reco for Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Updated on January 15, 2010
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hello all!

I have been wearing Accuvue Oaysis for Astigmatism (supposedly with "hydraclear", whatever that is, to keep the eyes moist). Well, my eyes are still really dry when I have them on. Argh!

Anyone have contact lenses they like for astigmatism? Could you include (if you know it offhand) the price? I can only wear mine for about 3 hours before they get itchy and dry, and it is starting to get on my darned nerves!


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answers from Scranton on

Morning S.. I have the same problem. I use Acuvue 2 and they're around $20 a box at walmart. A little more at different optometrists offices. Mine are the disposable ones that are for 2 weeks. Hope this helps.

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answers from Johnstown on

Hi S.,
I've tried the Accuvue Oaysis and to me they were like looking through a glass of water; it was horrible! After much trial and error (it had been YEARS since I'd last worn contacts and my eyes changed shape), we found Bausch & Lomb SofLens Toric to be the best for me. They are super comfy and I don't even know I have them in. The only time I have any trouble is if I happen to fall asleep with them in and then that can be a bit challenging, but no more than with any other type of contacts. The last time I made a purchase, it was for roughly $100 for 2 boxes, giving me 12 lenses. I feel your pain--I've gone through it myself :( Best of luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I also use Accuvue Advanced for Astigmatism.
I thought it was my contacts causing the dryness and itchiness but discovered the contacts were was the solutions that I had been using.
My friend recommended using CLEAR CARE no rub by CIBA VISION, make sure you read the directions carefully becuase you cannot put it in your eyes. The day I tried it I knew it was for me, it was like different world with NO irritation at all. I havent had a problem since.
Good Luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would go to the eye doctor. You should discuss with them any issues you are having with your contacts. You may have other issues going on including GPC which are painful bumps that can occur on the inside of your top eyelid. I worry that if you do not go to the doctor you could wind up with an infection. I work at Lenscrafters and I am going to school to be an optician. I am not saying I know anything but I would not mess with your eyes or the contacts.



answers from Minneapolis on

I use Frequency 55. Works for M.. If you have extremely dry eyes you can use lubricating eye drops which helps.



answers from Philadelphia on

I use BioMedics55 but I also have near-sidedness on top of the astigmatism. I don't know the full cost, only what my insurance doesn't cover, so that won't help.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Before you ditch your lenses, how often and what type of saline are you using? The "no rub" formulas that are so popular these days contain an ingredient that is a common allergen. When I use them, I also get dry itchy eyes. I switched to a sensitive eyes formula (I love the Target brand and it's really cheap) and no more itchy eyes.




answers from Erie on

I use Accuvue but it's the Advanced for Astigmatism, not the Oaysis ones. I like have to be very careful because they rip pretty easily but they're pretty good lenses. They are roughly $50 per box. i guess most astigmatism lenses are twice as much as regular ones. i also was having an issue with them drying up and after having the doctor look at my eyes, she said it wasn't the lenses but more than likely my hormones! i guess pregnancy and hormone levels after pregnancy reak havock on your eyes! she gave me a drop to use and after a couple weeks of using that i really noticed a difference. It looks like you have a newborn as well so you may have the same issue i was having :) Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

You should call my friend Christina Colarossi at Pearl Vision in Robinson she can help you she is really good.........


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