My Six Year Old Has a Blackhead

Updated on October 10, 2006
M.G. asks from Guntersville, AL
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Hi. I have been trying to get rid of her blackhead and it isn't working. She says that it hurts when I touch it. Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of it?

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So What Happened?

Well, I decided to try the toothpaste because my husband was convinced it was a black head, so I left the toothpaste on there a bit and later tried to take the toothpaste off and along came the big ol she has a little hole there, but thank goodness it is gone. She is thrilled that when she goes back to school she won't have to worry about it.. ( she is on fall break ) Thank you for all the responses!

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answers from Montgomery on

I agree with everyone else on this, but here is a link with some information about children and acne or could it be acne questions. From,19840,6...

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answers from Columbia on

My son is 6 months old and keeps getting little blackheads and bumps that won't go away on their own. The doctor told me I could use an over the counter acne cream with benzoyl peroxide in it. You might want to try that. It works for us.



answers from Roanoke on

You might want to try hot compresses. My 14 year old gets them and that is what we do. You don't want to squeeze or dig at it cause you could leave a scar. Hope this helps.



answers from Huntsville on

Make sure that it is a blackhead. My daughter has raised bumps on her face but it isnt acne. My doctor said its a viral infection that causes bumps and they are contagious. I cant remember what they name is (molluscum or something). It looks just like a zit but you cant pop it and they are very painful. If she touches them and scratches somewhere else another bump will come up. I have been to the doctor about it a few times and the only way to remove is freezing it and removing the core. The doctor says they eventually go away on their own.



answers from Asheville on

Try taking a warm face cloth apply it to the blackhead for a few minutes then try to gently squeeze it out. Then clean with a cool face cloth.Sometimes after you've applied the warm cloth you can kinda pull the skin apart to get it out easier.



answers from Montgomery on

You could try washing her face with dove soap and then using witch hazel as an astringent to help dry it up. It won't go away over nite but works better than most products that you can buy over the counter for blackheads or blemishes on the face. Good Luck, J.



answers from Spartanburg on

Hi M.! My name is A.. I have two kids, a five year old son and a three year old daughter. My son has real sensitive skin and occassionally gets acne in differnet places. The best thing I have found to help with blackheads or acne for kids and adults is toothpaste. I know that sounds weird but it works. What it does is draw out the build up from under the skin and dries it up. What you do is after they get a bath, apply a small amount to the area like lotion and leave it on for an hour or two. Don't leave it on over night becuase it will dry out the skin to much. I don't know what kind of toothpaste you use but the best kind is the white paste without the gel. Another reason I like the toothpaste idea is because it is not as harsh as some of these acne cremes or liquids. A childs skin is sensitive and the toothpaste is gentle, plus it smells good!!! Hope this helps!



answers from Spartanburg on

Use a warm compress for a couple of days and then right before you touch it.



answers from Washington DC on

My little man has had acne on his left ear since not too long after birth. Whiteheads and blackheads. We finally took him to a Dermatologist and she said it could either be acne or moles that hadn't taken their full shape yet. Either way she put him on RetiA Micro so that they would clear up or it would pull up the true form.



answers from Greensboro on

put a little soap on it and leave the soap on it. it clears up over night



answers from Charlotte on

May not be a blackhead. I would have a doctor look at it first. It can be dangerous to try and pop it or cause a blood blister doing it. If it hurts to the touch then maybe medical intervention would be the best.



answers from Richmond on

Pore strips work great. It'll be like pulling a bandaid off, but it'll be worth it in the long run.



answers from Spartanburg on

It might not be a blackhead, it could be a very small mole that is under the skin, or even something else. If she says that it hurts when you touch it I would take her to the doctor and have them take a look at it, if they are unsure what it is take her to a dematologist as they specilize in skin issues. It could just be a blackhead but generally those go away pretty quickly and they are easy to pop.



answers from Raleigh on

Are you SURE that's what it is? Six-year-olds are too young for those. I'd ask the pediatrician to take a look at it. Most over-the-counter acne medications are for older children, as they have possibly-harmful chemicals and side effects.

Try a dab of Desitin® on it. The vitamins A & D, plus the zinc oxide and fish oil combination in Desitin® works wonders on all kinds of rashes, including the teething rash that toddlers often get on their cheeks. Put it on at bedtime. So what if they smell a little fishy? By morning, you should see a MAJOR improvement.

Meanwhile, QUIT trying to squeeze it. That only aggrivates it, and could possibly lead to infection.




answers from Birmingham on

Have to tried the little instrument that is sold for that purpose? It doesn't cost much and you can get it in the section with tweezers etc. A warm bath before helps and just put it over the spot and gentlely press.Hope this helps because a dr may be the next best suggestion good luck sl

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