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Updated on September 04, 2019
T.D. asks from New York, NY
17 answers

I signed up for a secret buddy at work. We are all teachers aids in a primary school. We were asked some simple questions. My buddy is Miss Z. She likes neon green. Has a b-day not during school... Likes mini snickers, nachos, and hot chocolate. Favorite drink is an alcoholic beverage. And favorite scents are listed
Other than a mug of cocoa mix and candles or lotion what are some ideas?!? We are to spend about 3$ a month and 10$ for christmas, b-day day and end of year gift... I can do mini snickers... But what else?? (Alcohol not allowed on premises so that's out...)

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answers from San Francisco on

Cute note pads, post its, pens, clips, etc, tied up in a pretty ribbon. A reusable plastic cup with lid and straw, filled with candy. Socks (at Halloween you can probably find some neon green ones) or if you like to bake, homemade cookies.

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answers from Tampa on

I say go to the store called 5 below and pick stuff from her list. That store is awesome! And like in the name.... everything is below 5! Everything from candy to diy projects and from key chains, magnets, board games and clothing!

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answers from New York on

Most people have to do three $10 months, right - December + June + birthday month.

So how about do $10 in September as “belated birthday”, and bring in a platter of nachos for her lunch from a local restaurant.

October $3 Halloween Snickers.

November $3 cocoa-scented hand sanitizer or lotion or candle.

December $10 mug + cocoa (is there maybe a Snickers cocoa?) + candycane

January-May, you can see what works

June, a note that says “meet me at X location near school” - reveal your identity and give her a bottle of the booze she likes.

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answers from Washington DC on

It will be hard to stick to a $3 - sorry but that's a fact.

September - neon green flashlight in a coffee cup filled with snickers minis and cocoa packages.

October - I would do a small package of tortilla chips with salsa cheese in a cute Halloween bowl

November - I would put a mini basket together of lotions in a cornucopia picked up at the dollar store

December - go to the dollar store and see what you can find....there's many options...

use the rest of the flashlights for your kids.

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answers from Norfolk on

My go to gift is mini flashlights.
They are endlessly useful for everyone of all ages.
Use them in your purse, in your car, anywhere in the house - I even put one in my suitcase when I travel.
It's saved me more than once during power outages at work.
If she doesn't like it - it's easy to re gift.

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answers from Portland on

chacha has some great ideas (also like the flash light idea - we use those too).

If you don't want to bring in nachos, a $10 gift card to a restaurant that you know serves nachos where she could go with a friend would be another idea (and just include in card what it's for so it ties in with her list of ideas).

Another gift idea, where you can't give her alcohol but knows she likes an alcoholic beverage is a drink glass (fun one, you can get on sale festive ones - maybe for valentines or something for one of the months you need one for) for her drink of choice - so if she likes margaritas, find her a $3 fun glass for her fave drink. I've seen them as low as that on sale discount racks. So just keep an eye out maybe starting now - otherwise something like lotion or candle, etc. in her scents as you see them go on sale, just pick things up I would.

Neon green warm cozy socks for reading ..

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answers from Washington DC on

You could surprise her with a mini snickers blizzard from DQ.
Google snickers recipes and a TON of things come up. Maybe you could bake something and put a portion of it in a little neon green gift bag.
Maybe some neon green socks, post-its, pens or note paper.
You could take a fun picture of her class and put it in a cute frame.
Buy a mason jar and cut up small note paper and have her class each write something they like about her. Put all the notes in the jar and tie a neon green ribbon around it.

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answers from Washington DC on

September is the beginning of the school year, so I’d start with something like a gift card for a coffee with a red pen or a box of pencils attached. October is Halloween or fall... make up some homemade chai mix and give her that with a new mug or a box of some froo-froo tea, or snickers in a small pumpkin. November is Thanksgiving when the weather really turns. Make her a scarf - if you don t like neon, use fall colors. Christmas time she might like a pair of mittens or an ornament for her tree. January - make her lunch one day - soup and crusty bread would go over nicely. February is all about chocolate.. snickers in a heart shaped basket or one full sized candy bar attached to a card with a gift certificate to her favorite coffee place - since alcohol is out! March is when we are itching for spring, so a small bouquet of flowers from the grocery store is a great pick me up! April is Easter... A basket with those plastic eggs filled with notes of encouragement and a snickers or two might be fun. The list is endless... think outside the box!

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answers from Springfield on

I would browse the dollar section at Target or go to a Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Just look around. You might find a cute pair of socks or fun pencils or ruler. You don't have to limit yourself to the things she "likes." That's great to keep in mind, but you can go beyond those suggestions.

My husband goes to Menards a lot, and I had no idea how many fun things they have. (I always thought "home improvement") When you walk in the store, they have these cheap deals on all kinds of things. I found great deals on fun earbuds, chargers, unique snacks.

I think the key will be to pick a time when you can shop alone and not be in a hurry. Browse. You might be surprised at what you find.

The $3 limit does make it challenging, but try to have fun with it.

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answers from Atlanta on

A $3 max? Wow. that's just nearly impossible. You go to the Dollar store and hope for the best. but even then you know things are cheap. If you can afford it? I would buy from the heart and keep it under $10.

If you have the gumption? A theme for each month would be great. Scour garage sales and thrift shops for things you can use.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would go to Five Below and/or Dollar General and pick up things.

A $3 limit is really insane. Sorry. But A candy bar and a cup is $3. if not more.

Make a theme for each month.

I would find the cute little flash lights that she can put in her purse, in lime green. They make those.

Since Fall is coming? Hot cocoa mix and a cute "teachers" cup would be great!

For Christmas? Find a cute basket at a garage sale and fill it with favorite scented candles (again, very hard to stick to $3)

For Valentines Day? Find one of those pink hearts and fill it snack size snickers.

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answers from Fargo on

gift basket with favorite items in it You can find a lot of those things at dollar tree

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answers from Los Angeles on

First plan ahead. Things cost different in every grocery store. For 3 dollars you could buy a small snicker bar. For 10 dollars you could buy a candle. Check the price in your local store on the things that Miss Z likes.



answers from Dallas on

I would look around Michael's and Tuesday Morning, do you have those? Or even someplace like Home Goods/TJ Maxx, 5 Below is also a good suggestion. $3 is definitely tough but I'd go for things like single Flair pens, single sharpies, a packet of stickers, brightly colored post it notes, etc. I mean, you guys are teachers aids I'm sure most people like office supplies, etc. Michaels sells all that near the checkout. If she has a desk space you could even do small seasonal themed items like a miniature pumpkin. Silly stuff like hot chocolate flavored lip gloss is always fun too. Bath and Body Works actually has this amazing hot chocolate candle right now. I think the smallest one is like $9 but you could get it for her birthday if its soon. You could also do things like bring her a snack for the day or grab a special drink from Sonic during lunch and drop it off for her or even nachos from Taco Bell. I think if you look around a fun store you will be inspired!



answers from Miami on

The dollar store often has pretty plastic margarita glasses and wine glasses in neon colors. They also have hot chocolate mugs that come with the packet of hot chocolate, candles, lotions, kitchen towels, etc. They also have seasonal decor, like small pumpkins for the desk, in neon colors.



answers from Indianapolis on

Sometimes you can find neon green socks. Have you noticed if she drinks coke or sprite or energy drink. I would start watching to see what things she likes. She made it pretty difficult for you.



answers from Dallas on

I would go to the store and get a bag of mini snickers that you can put a few with every gift each month. That way it's not really spending your allotted money. You might get her a little candle of her favorite scent is it's made in a candle. For her birthday, Christmas or end of year when you can spend more one of them you might give her a gift card to a local bar and grill. Get some sticky notes or a note pad that are neon green. Like one other said 5 below is an awesome place to shop for inexpensive gifts. I think they should have given you a little bit more reasonable amount like $5.

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