Magnesium Supplements- Has Anyone Had to Be on Them?

Updated on January 01, 2010
D.M. asks from Lyndhurst, NJ
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Hi Ladies,
My cardiologist actually just wanted me to try mag supplements because I was having irregular heartbeats and found my mag level to be on the low end of normal. After reading about magnesium I noticed that is a very important mineral needed to help regulate heart rate and nervous and immune system functions within the body. Which I found this irregular hbeat to happen prior to my period. I also suffer from pre menstrual dysphoric disorder I get such bad mood swings and anxiety it is crazy. So I am hoping this helps my heart and anxiety and pms all in one. Any feedback would be great! I really do not want to go on birth control which my gyno told me could help the above issues as well, maybe this will work out better. Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

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answers from Rochester on

I take 300 mg mag daily and a double dose for the week before my period. It has decreased my moodiness significantly and the number of migraines I get by 50%. Good luck. I hope it helps you too.

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answers from New York on

I started taking a calcium citrate/magnesium supplement (500mg)daily. I have pms and get imsomnia and water retention right before my period. I think the supplements really help. I was told to take the cal/mag every night, right before bedtime--it works. I was also told to take "vitex"(chasteberry). It is a natural herbal supplement used to regulate menstrual cycles. It helps alleviate pms. This helps as well. One every am and one taken with the cal/mag at bedtime. I feel much better-- have been doing this for 4-5 months now. I have been using the "bluebonnet" brand.



answers from New York on

Hi D.,

I was wondering if you could share the info you get from other moms with me. I suffer from PMDD as well and will not take birth control. Messing with hormones is risky business.

Any info you could provide would be wonderful. I am not sure how to check back on advice on this site after I have added a response myself.

Thanks so much, and happy holidays,



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi D.! I used Magnesium for muscle spasms and DID notice that my PMS symptoms drastically improved.
I used a magnesium/calcium supplement from Metagenics. You can find it anywhere online but I bought mine from my Chiropractor. I highly recommend the Metagenics brand because it's easily absorbed and doesn't have tons of additives. Quality is key!



answers from New York on

I have taken magnesium. It does help with the mood swings. I used it while I was pregnant to help regulate my hormones, it helped my hormonal headaches. Try it for a couple months. What do you have to lose.



answers from Hartford on

I'm glad you posted this.

I first became turned onto the subject of magnesium, when I was initially struggling with breastfeeding and wanted to alter my diet. I read how a magnesium deficiency is commonly linked to a poor absorbtion of calcium (eventually leading to osteoporosis)and how people who supplement with calcium are doing more harm than good if it is not in the proper ratio to magnesium. I later found information (once again by researching breastfeeding topics) that explained that you can combat a menstruation-induced low milk supply by supplementing with 1500 calcium/750 magnesium. In my research, it also continually linked magnesium deficiencies to PMS symptoms (headaches, irritability).

From what I can gather the necessity to supplement stems from the American diet being high in calcium and phosphorus(such as dairy and soda which inhibit the absorption of magnesium) as well as the overabundance of refined foods - since magnesium is found in whole grains. It's fascinating...there are a whole host of links that I would love to put out there, but don't want to bombard you. This link is fantastic and loaded with all sorts of data related to magnesium (slightly on the scientific side, but interesting nonetheless):

It is so great to see other women excited to take their health seriously and to not passively-accept their current health conditions. There is so much we can do to improve our daily health. Thank you for the reminder.



answers from New York on

Natural Calm which you will find in your local health food store. It is in powder form and you add it to tea or water and drink it like a tea. It is great to relax you and help you sleep as well as w/ constipation if that is a concern of yours. Magnesium is very much needed in most diets but missing.



answers from Utica on

Alternative medicine is the way to go, try the mag, but I do recommend a good multivitamin and B vitamins as well. Just a thought in case you are not into vitamins.
God bless you and health in the New Year.



answers from New York on

Hi D.,
I had struggled with high blood pressure and awful periods for years. I also had extremely low potassium levels. The doctors believed that my blood pressure problems were hormonal because they could find no other medical reasons at the time. Potassium and magnesium work together to regulate your heart rate, etc. I took both, with calcium and my periods/pms improved greatly and I felt so much better overall. Turned out the low potassium problem was due to an extremely rare adrenal tumor (benign) that was found accidently 10 years later(!) which was removed. No more high blood pressure, low potassium, feeling rotten! However, the magnesium/calcium/potassium supplements got me through and I highly recommend that. Did the doctors do a chem 7 blood test? From my experience, low magnesium and low potassium go hand in hand. Good luck!

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