Lunch Ideas for Husband

Updated on March 05, 2007
H.D. asks from Ridgeland, MS
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It is so hard to pack my husband's lunch without feeling like I am packing the lunch for a kid. 2 sandwiches, chips, fruit, and sometimes a snack. He likes sandwiches and doesn't mind the lunch, but it is easy to get burned out. What do y'all (or do y'all even) pack for your husbands?

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answers from Mobile on

My husband has a microwave at work, so he can heat up cans of chili or soup or leftovers. If not, there's always a soup thermos that you can put warm soup in, or coffee/hot chocolate on a cold day.
I also vary the sandwiches. Sometimes I make chicken salad, pb&J, tortillas filled with the basic meat and cheese items, pitas are a great idea too. Hope that helps!



answers from Jackson on

Hello H. D, how are you doing today. One thing that you could do, is to pack up any left overs that you may have from the previous days dinner.

Hope this helps : )

C. D

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answers from Huntsville on

Just as the previous poster said, my husband packs his lunch many times as we're putting away leftovers. My daughter also loves leftovers and doesn't like sandwiches very much, so I bought her a small thermos for preschool lunches.



answers from Knoxville on

I would do wraps - there are so many easy ways to make Burritos and stuff
Another thing that I do for my DH - since he has access to a microwave - is make things like chicken curry and rice - its a real full hearty meal



answers from Nashville on

You could pack him leftovers from dinner the night before. Or ... make some chicken salad.



answers from Dothan on

I've that my 34 year husband of ten years really is a kid at heart. So just keep packing lunches that a kid would like and he will be thrilled!



answers from Nashville on

I pack my husband what ever we had left over from supper, chili, soup, meat & Potatoes. If we order out for supper instead of me cooking then he gets a sandwich and chips or sometimes he goes to subway on the way to work and picks up a meal deal.



answers from Hattiesburg on

You could always try wraps instead of sandwiches... or a nice salald with tuna or chicken. If microwave is available, make your own microwave meals. When I was married, my husband would not take a lunch, but my friend packs one for her husband everyday. She cooks an extra serving with each dinner meal and packs them out in plastic microwavable containers. He usually preferes to take the most recent, but you could pack out a dew and then pack the same meal you ate for dinner two days ago - so he wouldn't feel like it was left-overs.
The real trick, though, is the other things you put in the lunch... leave him a love letter on his napkin, or a mustard Kiss on his sandwich. Sending Spaghetti? Write I Love you with the parmesian cheese across the top.....
Anything tastes better when someone else prepares it for you.
L. G



answers from Birmingham on

My husband takes left overs from supper unless I don't cook, then he takes sandwiches.



answers from Johnson City on

Soup to go. One of our favorite take-alongs is to heat some soup and put it in a thermos. There’s something about having that hot soup that satisfies, especially now that the weather is turning cooler. Just the other day we filled thermoses with bean and bacon soup, added crackers and peanut butter and bananas, and we were off. It was a simple, yet satisfying meal that lasted all afternoon.

Leftovers? Another one of our favorites is rather funny: yes, leftovers—and actually, my husband gets the credit for this—he has access to a microwave at work, and will take all sorts of interesting containers to make a wonderful meal. But I know that’s not most men’s idea of a good lunch.

One great way to use those leftovers (such as one or two sausages or a baked potato), is to make an omelet. Sauté them with some oregano and a dash of soy. Or turn it into an egg sandwich by toasting the bread and adding a bit of mayo.

Wrap it up. Try using tortillas instead of bread—from whole wheat to chile and pesto-flavored, flour tortillas can liven up many a filling. Or how about some new fillings in those wraps: egg salad, tuna salad, feta cheese, fried or broiled tofu, black beans, a different kind of lunch meat—and top with lettuce, tomato, avocado or sprouts (use what your family likes best!).

Salads. Over the weekend make a large pasta or bean-based salad, and then pack containers of this along with pita bread or cheese and vegetables. A large bowlful can last several days, and if you add a side of chicken or tuna salad, you can give it a different twist for consecutive days. Or pair it with thermoses of different soups daily.

Swap side dishes. Try pairing soup or sandwiches with a variety of sides, and each day will be different:

* Vegetable sticks with a small container of salad dressing for dipping
* Fresh fruit
* Celery sticks filled with cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins
* Crackers—plain or with peanut butter, cheese or cream cheese
* Cheese sticks
* Dried fruit
* Fruit leather
* Nuts—or make your own nut mix: almonds, raisins and chocolate chips are a tasty combo

Tried & true. And if you decide to stick with that good old stand-by, the sandwich, remember to vary the fillings. Whether it’s meatloaf with American cheese or Ham and Swiss on rye, there are many ways to jazz it up. Perhaps even step beyond lettuce and try pickle slices, black olives, marinated veggies. Have fun and experiment. While I’ve included some of the ways that we pack lunches, I’m curious—what does your family like to pack for lunch?



answers from Chattanooga on

Hi H.,

Does he like leftovers??? You can take previous nights leftovers and pack it up for him especially if he has a microwave at work that would work well. Or you can make the meat into a sandwich for him. If he likes salads, then make him an everything salad. I make one with romaine, baby spinach, broccoli, ham, cheese, croutons and sometimes chopped nuts and fruit. Put the croutons and dressing on the side. Give him a hunk of french bread and a slab of his favorite cheese with that and it is a good meal. Be creative with what you have on hand and what he likes. You will come up with things other than sanwiches. I guess it all depends on if he has a microwave available at his work and what he likes.

Good luck.




answers from Clarksville on

Its hard trying to find a good lunch for them I understand this and burn out is the end result. I try to find differnet sandwichs and maybe soup If a mircowave is available to him. sometimes just even leftovers can break the sack lunch monotony(spelling Check)



answers from Atlanta on

I just thought of this topic yesterday. I grabbed dinner at Jason's Deli and Moe's and got take home menus from both places. I am going to knock off their burrito's , sandwiches and soups. My hubby loves the homewreckor, so I will send him with a burrito. Put the sour cream, lettuce and guac. on the side those are nasty heated up. A great soup I send my hubby with is French Onion I simply put the bread and cheese on the side. Same with salads. I use a large tupperware container and put the lettuce, peppers, and carrots in that and the tomato, cheese, and croutons in cheap ziploc bags and the dressing in a small tupperware container. I scoot the salad over and put the dressing and ziploc bags all in the larger container . So he only carries one large container. My neighbor suggested me to put Bush's chili on a bowl and send him with that and some bread. Also, Tyson has grilled chicken and Beef strips pre cut and cooked. I send those with some tortilla's , salsa, sour cream and chips and he heats up fajita's.



answers from Columbus on

I cook enough to have left overs and then freeze a meal in a microwaveable container. That way, he doesn't have to eat last night's leftovers the very next day...he can choose or I can surprise him. Chili, Soups, Spaghetti (and any pasta or rice dish) freezes really well. My husband also likes the frozen Amy's burritos or Lean Cuisine or Hungry Jack meals. That with a salad and a piece of fruit and iced tea or bottle of water is perfect! Don't forget to put a sweet "I LOVE YOU" Note or something funny like "What are you wearing?" with a chocolate kiss or mint inside :-p to keep your love life fresh.



answers from Chattanooga on

I would send the leftovers with him to work. Also, i tend to get him hot pockets or even make homemade chicken salad. Just gotta do different stuff. I don't think my husband minds so much about sandwiches, I just make different kinds. Or even make him a salad .



answers from Knoxville on

I pack sandwiches everyday for mine, if he does't tell me anything different then thats what he gets.
He hasent complained yet.

I do mix it up with meats and different bread from the deli.
Sometimes the left over Chix or meatloaf I will throw on there.

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