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Updated on September 10, 2008
L.F. asks from Austin, TX
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I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and had some labor issues this past weekend that required my doctor to perform 2 cervical exams. This morning, I lost my mucous plug. I believe this is due to the cervical exams and is nothing to worry about, but I was wondering if anyone could verify that for me? I'm pretty sure those things can become dislodged from an exam and will just re-form, correct?

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answers from Austin on

this happened to me too. its nothing to worry about. thats what my doctor told me. even if your watwer breaks it could take days to deliver. i dont think it reforms though. good luck.


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Hey L.: This website says the plug can regenerate... Although I'm sure you already have a call into your Dr... http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/loss-of-mucus-plug.html

Here's a blog from others with the same:
"I had the same thing, but I lost mine at 30 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me not to worry. Some women can lose them very early and still carry to full term. Your mucus plug will regenerate itself. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and still pregnant. Don't worry, you'll more than likely be fine."



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Why don't you put a call into your doctor's office. That's what you're paying him/her for.



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Definitely, your mucous plug can come out weeks before the baby is due.

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