Looking for Trader Joes/Whole Foods near Queen Creek

Updated on March 11, 2009
A.M. asks from Queen Creek, AZ
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Hello Again Wonderful, Helpful Moms,

Ok, this time I was wondering if you could help me out with the closest Trader Joes and Whole Foods (I think you have these great stores in AZ?-Right?) to Queen Creek. I live in Johnson Ranch where it seems everything is hours away!

Also, I am looking for a Christian Nutritionist that possibly has a store. In CA I had a wonderful nutritionist that had a store and office where she seen people and sold the product that she recommended. I am specifically interested in finding some Liquid Silver (sorry I don't have more info. but I still have unpacked boxes from my move). My family and I swear by it. It has helped everything from allergies to the flu. My nutritionist in Ca says it will wipe out even Aids!

Thanks and I appreciate all of your help.


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answers from Phoenix on

I shop TJ & WF also. THe closest Whole Foods/Sprouts is Val Vista & Williamsfield (chandler blvd) the closest TJ is Gilbert & Baseline or go into Tempe. I do it al the time! UGH



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Hi A. - def. look online for these stores - b/c I havent seen either of them out here - I am in Gilbert - almost to Queen Creek - I know where you live and they are Just building up the stores out there - there is a few Fresh & Easy Stores on the border of Gilbert and Queen Creek and probably coming out towards you soon - look into those on-line - and there is a Co-op in your area where you pay online and pick up produce, breads, sometimes cheese and other homemade and grown items - also Organic if you like - Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op - look them up online as well :) Pls be careful with the liquid silver - your body Does Store it and if you take too much it can hurt you - PLs check with a Naturapathic Doctor b/c there are no FDA guidlelines for the amt of this taken orally, esp for your children :) - Good Luck and there is a Trader Joes in Gilbert - on Gilbert and Baseline I believe - Whole Foods I know are in Tempe & Mesa - S. :)



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Hi, the closest Trader Joes is at the corner of Baseline and Gilbert road in Gilbert. You can Also try Sprouts, they have organic foods and produce. I love that store. There's one on Souther and Higley in Mesa, and one on Val Vista and Williamsfield in Gilbert. Also, Frys has a pretty good selection of Organic foods. They are opening a Fresh and easy pretty soon (not exactly sure when) at the corner of Gantzel and Ocotillo here in Queen Creek and they have a pretty good selection of organics there as well! I wish they had a Whole foods here or close too!!! About the Liquid Silver...never heard of it, but sounds interesting!!! Good Luck! Hope this helps...



answers from Phoenix on

Your closest Whole Foods is in Chandler on Ray and Loop 101 - SE corner.


answers from Phoenix on

Hi A. -

I live in QC myself and unfortunately the only Trader Joes close to us in Mesa. It's off Mesa and the 60. However, they are opening a Fresh N Easy on Higley & Queen Creek Rd. I think it is - not sure if it's open yet but I hear they are great. Good luck and welcome!



answers from Phoenix on

Well, I can only tell you about Trader Joes. Unfortunately the closest one is Gilbert/Baseline in Mesa. My husband works for them (different location) and luckily he is able to bring stuff home so I don't have to drive. The next closest is Tempe and then Awhatukee. I would love to have one more east or south, but no luck so far.

Whole foods, I'm not sure. I think there is a Sprouts on Higley and Southern.

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