Updated on April 22, 2008
T.K. asks from Plainfield, IL
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I need help with some kind of list of things to not forget and need to pack. This is the first time we are going on vacation with our son (2 yrs. 5 mths) and I really need to know what we need to bring. I really cannot wait we haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon almost 3 years ago and we didn't have a little one. I also know this is early but if I need to buy anything I would like to do it in little spurts. BTW we are going to Williamsburg, VA. first time there so any great places to see for little guys please let me know (going end of June-beg. of July so will be there for the 4th). I keep adding on, we are driving and we do have a portable DVD player - we knew this would be a must have.

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my suggestion... if you are scatterbrained like me (I have post it notes all over the place!) keep a pen and paper handy throughout the course of a week, and right down everything that you find you use for his care.

if i may suggest.. don't forget his pillow! :) my kids always sleep best away from home when they have a piece of home with them :)

If I were driving to VA (probably about a 12-15 hour drive) then I would go buy a portable DVD player, be sure to pack sandwiches and snacks for eating on the road (maybe a cooler would ensure food safety in the heat of June and July), and whatever creative things you can find to entertain him on the road.

good luck - have fun!! I was only in VA when I was drinking age,... we went to Virginia Beach and watched my cousins' boyfriend's Navy ship come into port after a 6 month cruise - so the experience I have in VA is definitely NOT for little ones :) oh... to be 21 again :)



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I second Jennifer's advice, just keep some paper handy, a "master list" so to speak, and add on to it whenever you realize that whatever you have in your hand would be great to have on vacation. I have to do that for my groceries. Have fun.



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Im sorry but a portable dvd player is not a must in my opinion. When we went on trips when we were younger, we didn't have that stuff. We brought books or mad libs or just sang or just



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I found some checklists when we went to Disney last year on discussion boards. I think they would be great for any trip! Try

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