Laptop Keys Need Repairing in Carrollton, Texas

Updated on June 11, 2008
M.H. asks from The Colony, TX
4 answers

Looking for a place to repair a couple of keys on my keyboard of my laptop.

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answers from Dallas on

What kind of laptop and what kind of warranty?

We have 3 Dell's here and when a couple keys on hubby's went out, Dell sent a rep here with a new keyboard and it was replaced on the spot. All within 24 hrs and free.

We also had his other/old Dell serviced at Best Buy in Plano for reasonable price.




answers from Dallas on

I had the same thing happen to my keyboard on my laptop. Then the manfctr tried to charge me $400 to replace it saying that the warranty was voided because someone had spilled a drink on the keyboard (never happened). My mom referred me to a shop on Coit at 190. I can't remember the name of it (Data something), it is right next to the Subway in the same shopping center as Central Market. The guys there were very nice and took care of the problem. I did have to have the keyboard replaced, but it was only $100 and it was fixed in a couple of days.



answers from Birmingham on

depends on what happened to them.... spilled water would be bad.

try The Geek Squad at any Best Buy. The first 10 minutes for them to evaluate it is free. I had a good experience with the ones at the Flower Mound Best Buy.



answers from Dallas on

More then likely you are going to have to replace the keyboard. They dont have the same build and cant stand up to repair like a desktop keyboard can. Call your manufacture or you might be able to get a replacement keyboard at Fry's.
No need to pay big bucks to have it put in either. I just replaced the keyboard on my Dell myself. Wasnt the easiest thing I have ever done, but not rocket science either. Both hubby and I have worked in the IT world, so we are pretty comfortable swapping out things on both the laptops and the towers.
I say, get the keyboard, grab the screwdrivers and DIVE in! Then call me ###-###-#### just moved from CA)if you get into real trouble and we can work something out! But it really is easy.
Good Luck, I know you can do it! :)

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