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Updated on October 05, 2011
L.D. asks from White Lake, MI
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We are updating our kitchen via paint and need to get some color ideas. We are going to use the new Rustolum paint process for our cabinets and I tend to like the darker colors. I've also always wanted to brighten up my kitchen with a pretty shade of appricot but can't seem to find anything that combines these two in harmony. Does anyone know of a good website that will allow you to play with colors to see how it looks together? (I've tried Sherman Williams, but it won't let me change the cabinet color) Or even a slide show of color combinations? We currently have sage green on our walls with a white washed cabinet and I'm so bored with it!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the wonderful responses! I played around with some of the websites suggested and I’m really looking forward to our kitchen transformation! We’re getting our pickled floors sanded and warmed up this week (ugh! I did not like the color of our floor!) so we will be able to firm up colors once it’s finished. We are leaning towards ‘Ripe Apricot’ from Home Depot and Chocolate cabinets. Thanks again!!

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answers from Detroit on

Hi L.: You can try the HGTV site for ideas, but take a look at the Benjamin Moore website - I think the first photo might be quite close to what you're talking about

I'd be interested to know what you think of the Rustoleum product: I am thinking of using it for a project, too. You might be interested to know that Benjamin Moore dealers (you have to go to their store - Teknicolors is a dealer that I think has quite a few stores around the metro area) has a similar product and they can tint it to ANY Moore color. It gives you a LOT more options than the Rustoleum. I think they said it runs $49/gallon, but you don't have to prime. Hope this helps! K.

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answers from Denver on

The Better Homes and Gardens site has lots of pictures, I went there to see bedroom ideas when we were repainting. Good place to get some ideas! Also think in terms of complementary colors - usually what's opposite on the color wheel will look great together. So if you choose a darker color that is more cool-toned go with a warm colored wall. I think a nice apricot/orange color would look great with dark cabinets!

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answers from Richmond on

My kitchen is a fun pumpkiny color... our kitchen prior to that was a pretty sage green (though a little to tame for my tastes)... before that, a burnt red... I love retro-y, fun, different colors! (We have a DARK purple wall in our house, so deeply purple it's almost black, we get compliments on it all the time! It offsets our silvery blue on the rest of the walls, and goes great with our eclectic, antique-y oddities!!)

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answers from Tampa on

Lighter colors open up the space.

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answers from St. Louis on

You can take a picture of your kitchen and use photo editing software. The colors won't be exact but they aren't exact on the computer anyway.

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answers from Portland on

My brother painted his cupboards yellow, he has an orage counter top and the walls are multicolored - blue, yellow, purple, orange, green, etc. He cut a hundred or so clear plastic tiles, then painted one side and glued it onto the wall. It looks fantasitc and it is superfun. The tiles took a lot of work, but worth it. It has brightened up his kitchen.
I guess I didn't answer your question at all....

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answers from Lakeland on

Check on Home Depot's web site and Lowes. I think they both have a paint color link. If not get some of the color cards at the store and use them at home. I personally would use the color cards in your house. The computer colors are not always the same and the lighting in your house will make them look different.



answers from Roanoke on

Lowe's and Home Depot, and some local paint stores can help. We went and picked up a bunch of the paint cards of the same color from the store and taped them to all of the walls in the room. The colors can look SO different in your home, with artificial light, natural light..we left them up for a few days, and I studied them every time I walked into the room. It was a good way to understand how it would look at all times of the day.


answers from Grand Rapids on

I just saw this question and I find it fascinating because we are renovating our kitchen and I am also planning to use the Rustoleum paint process on our cabinets!! I want to go lighter with the cabinets and find a nice light paint color for the walls! I have kind of a tan/beige counter top and a pretty neutral back splash. Anyway, a website that I have found helpful is called It has just thousands and thousands of pictures of every room you could imagine and you can create idea books to put any photo you like into. You can separate the idea book into categories such as kitchen, closets, living rooms, etc.. Update this when you have done it and let us know how the process worked. It looks fairly simple online! Thanks!



answers from St. Louis on is a fun website which I use to play with color!

Apricot, which is a warm color, works well with dark tones. I think we need to know the color you're choosing for the cabinets to be able to better help you. In the past, I've used peach/apricots for my living room/dining room. I have a variety of woods thruout the space. I've used the following colors with the peach/apricot: dark green, medium blue, white/cream (the cream works better), & earthy coppers/rust.

Hope some of this helps.....especially the website!

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