Is Netflix Really That Great?

Updated on May 17, 2011
C.W. asks from Saint George, UT
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I'm going to get a TV that is compatible for Netflix, but was wondering how great it is? I see the $8 a month for basic but how much is on demand and mail DVDs? Is there a big selection for instant streaming DVDs and shows? They have browse our selection on the site but it was tiny so I started wondering about their selection. I like to watch HGTV (income property and yard crashers) and Food network stuff... also like to watch the red green show and british comedy (like the addler).. I like Grey's Anatomy and some stuff like that. My daughter likes nick jr, kai-lan, wonderpets, dora, diego, spongebob, fresh beat band. Do they have that kind of stuff on netflix? I was hoping a mom out there had netflix and watched shows like this lol. I'm very interested in on demand dvds, mostly kids dvds like ice age and megamind, stuff like that. anyways, need some insight on how great or bad netflix is :D and if anyone has watched any of the above type of stuff please tell me :)

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So What Happened?

Wow, netflix is sounding awesome. Does anyone have the internet TVs that stream netflix, hulu, and all that... if so, do they have a giant remote or do they come with a keyboard or something?

If you have a tv for netflix in the living room and one in the den, can you watch 2 different netflix shows on the same account? like directv?

Megandollie, you sold me, I LOVE ugly betty haha.

Lol Leigh, that is what I meant was blackadder. I don't know why I said the Addler haha.

Wow, you moms are awesome... thanks so much for all your input. I feel like I get it all now haha. I found out that HGTV and food network offer full episodes on their site so that's a plus so I am not bummed that Netflix doesn't have em (that's probably the reason lol). I'm so ready to get netflix now. A great excuse and justification to buy an awesome flat screen for the living room and ps3 (I've wanted one forever but feel guilty spending the money) for the den. Now I don't have to tell my little one, you can't watch wonderpets because its not on right now haha.

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answers from San Diego on

Hello, If you rent movies, Netflix is great. You can do the dvd's or order through the t.v. We have done both. My son and his family live with me and they use it all of the time. We are on the plan now where you just order through the t.v. We used to be on both.
To answer the next question (on the what happened part). We have a remote with the keyboard and can also go on the internet with it. I haven't tried that yet. I'm good just using my desktop or laptop.
Good luck.
K. K.


answers from Washington DC on

we love netflix! We use it every single day! Except for now because the play station network is still down because of the hacker problem. It's been about a month now that it has been down and I am going crazy! There are so many movies I want to watch when the kids are in bed and I can't. Might complain soon

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answers from Rochester on

Oh my gosh, GET NETFLIX! You will love it! We have the cheapest package, and with that, you get one movie out at a time and all the instant streaming you want (we use the Wii.)

Okay, almost every show you listed is on instant, plus a TON of others. Greys Anatomy is on (all episodes), Clean House, etc...a lot of reality and sitcoms.

I am currently watching Cosby Show, Monk, Macguyver, XFiles, the Office, Keeping Up Appearances (yay BBC! They have a lot!) and a ton of other stuff I bet you'd like.

For children's shows, it seems endless. Lots of old goodies (all the Rocky and Bullwinkle, Inspector Gadget, etc) and lots of new stuff...I know Kailan, wonderpets, spongebob and a bunch of others are all instant.

The instant stuff is the husband gets the movies he wants in the mail, and the rest of us watch the instant. Seriously, SO GREAT! Why have cable when for 8 dollars a month, you get so much? Plus, they are constantly adding new things to the instant.

Also, you can make your own "list" on the instant...while you're browsing through on the tv, you can "add to instant queue" so when you want, you can just flip to your own endless list for all the things you want to watch.

***A few people have said the stuff you like isn't on instant. YES IT IS. I have it on my instant queue right now. You can do searches for specific shows if you can't "find" them by browsing...but yes, almost everything you mentioned is on instant. Promise. Not all...not a lot of HGTV stuff...but the other stuff, YES IT IS!!!! :) Someone said Spongebob isn't available...yes, it is! It's on my instant queue right now.

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answers from Portland on

We get Netflix with 1 video in the mail at a time and instant streaming.
We also have Hulu Plus.
The 2 services together are like $20, we have ZERO shows that we miss, we have been able to see all the movies we are interested in and we do not have regular television at all.
We do not use Comcast, Quest, Dish, none of them, we do not even have an antenna, and we are saving SO much money.
We love it, Netflix with Hulu Plus = awesome.
I highly recommend it, especially if you have a Wii or PS3 so that you can watch the Netflix movies or shows and Hulu shows on your tv.
My 6 year old knows how to navigate Netflix and find stuff, and I never have to worry about bad channels or commercials trying to sell her stuff.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We have Netflix and both our TVs are instant streaming compatible. However, it appears that most of what's available are TV shows (I am sure all the one you listed would be available), but recent releases (such as Megamind) is only available by DVD.
Also, to choose the instant streaming, take your DVD remote and turn you DVD player on. A menu will come up that will allow you to choose from a huge selection of instant streaming connections. Click on the one you want. It will require you to go to your computer to get a password. Once you have the password enter it into your program and you are set up to receive instant movies and TV shows.

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answers from Laredo on

I have netflix both the ones that come in the mail and the instant dvd (we stream it thru our wii) & I love it.

I like that I can "rent" movies & am not on a time frame to watch them. With RedBox I can never remember 2 return them the next day & end up paying $12 for a movie that should of only cost a buck.

The selection for the instant seems 2 be a hit & miss. The kind of stuff that you are talking about isnt on there (@ least not that I am aware) The instant movies tend 2 be older movies or ones that have been available 2 rent for quite some time. That works 4 me tho. Which is why I like it so much.

I am a SAHM with 2 little ones & I go to school. So I hardly have time to go to the movies or when I do plan to sit down & watch a movie it never seems to work out that way, netflix is flexible & works with my schedule. lol. No late fees & what not.

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answers from Washington DC on

We have Netflix and Blockbuster them both.

To be honest, I've not streamed them - only do the DVDs....but i would consider streaming.

I put the movie titles we want to watch in my queue....i get the movies usually the next day in the mail. We watch the movies and I return them - again next set - all with 48 hour turnaround - and I don't have to drive anywhere to get 'em or wait in line.


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answers from Lafayette on

we have netflix on the tv through our dvd player and a computer hooked up with an hdmi cord (two tvs). the remote for the dvd player is a normal remote for a dvd player. you just use the arrow buttons to navigate. i wouldn't trade netflix for anything. they are constantly adding more shows. and i love how they group the seasons all together now. :)

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answers from Williamsport on

I LOVE Netflix, and now that we turned off our TV channels, it's all we watch! We have the Roku box for instant streaming tons of Netflix movies and TV series etc (but not their entire vast library of ANY movie out of millions you could think of). They have tons of movies and PBS kids shows and other kids stuff and NO commercials. That is free monthly, but the initial cost for Roku was $79. We ALSO have monthly DVD Netflix service so we can order rare stuff. Right now we get 2 DVDs at a time per month (which can be many if you're constantly returning them and swapping them) for $12 -is/month. Usually we only get one DVD at a time for $9/month if my husband's not home because instant streaming is all we need, I can't watch tons of obscure movies here alone-no time. It's easy to switch your DVD plan back and forth to as many movies per month as you want, you just click the change on the website and it's instant.

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answers from Chicago on

We have the Netflix on our Wii, PS3 & Laptop, we can watch it on 2 at the same time. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE our netflix and use it daily. We have DVD's coming in all the time, for 15/mo you can have 3DVD's out at a time and almost always have a movie.

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answers from Washington DC on

We are big watchers of British TV, being a half-English household. The whole reason we got Netflix was for the huge selection of often obscure British television and films. My husband was delighted to find 1970s series from his childhood, so Netflix really does have some unusual stuff! We don't do streaming yet, so I can't say whether those things are available for streaming, but via mail, you can really satisfy your British TV and film cravings with Netflix.... Did you mean you like "Blackadder"? I know they'd have that. Enjoy.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We love Netflix (streaming via our Playstation 3). We actually bought the PS3 specifically for Netflix streaming, but since it can do double duty for educational games for our preschooler, it was a nice way to multi-task our electronics...

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answers from Seattle on

Yes. It' is absolutely fantastic.

There are far more movies that can come in the mail than can stream... and there are tens of thousands of streamable shows/movies.

We have over 300 movies & shows in our Instant Queue

Not ALL Brit shows are on Netflix, but the very popular ones are... like Mi-5, Black Adder, Doctor Who (NuWho & original), etc. Nick shows, about half of each series is streamable. Most TV series even run concurrantly to being broadcast, although some wait until the season is complete before netflix has the rights to them.

Get the 2 week free trial. Worth it.

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answers from Dallas on

They don't have much in the way of HGTV stuff, but there's lots of A&E and TLC. All the nick jr stuff is there too...I think everything you listed except the fresh beat band and sponge bob. They have the last six season's of Greys and a few British/ PBS shows. The newer movies take a bit longer to get on there, but the wait isn't outrageous and if we are really excited about a movie we just add it to our queue and get the disk (the trick is bumping it to the top spot even before it comes out). We love it. If you are interested I think they let you try it for a two week period to see how you like. We don't have cable and it has been great for us!!



answers from St. Louis on

love, love, love it!

I do the 1-at-a-time, & have never had a bad quality dvd yet! Rapid turn-around on the postal service end of it.....& I've been using it for 3+ years now.

My older son has a PS3 & laptop in his room. He watches Instant Play does my younger son - on his XBOX 360. WiFi rocks!

As for your list of shows, I haven't used it for any of that.....but they do carry many tv shows. We also use Hulu on the computer & On Demand thru our cable co.

I've already announced to my family that when the tv goes out in our living room....I will be buying an internet-ready tv!



answers from Joplin on

My son watches Sesame Street on netflix, they have Kai-lan, Wonder Pets, Diego, Dora, Sponge Bob, they have lots of the Disney brand shows like Wizards of Waverly Place etc...
They have other British Shows like Coupling, I have watched all the seasons except the current of Doctor Who, I watched the first season of Drop Dead Diva ( which is smart and funny!!!) I watched the whole season of A&E's Hoarders on Netflix, oh and there are lots of food shows on Netflix...I can ALWAYS find something to watch = ) when I get a chance at my own tv that is...the kids love it too.



answers from Redding on

My daughter doesn't have cable television, so they watch everything on Netflix and they love it. They are able to watch it though their x-box somehow. There is a large range of things to view.
I don't know much about how it works, but it's perfect for them.

Best wishes.


answers from Phoenix on

We have enjoyed net flicks and use that more then watching tv. There is a large selection of kids tv and films. also new movies and new tv stuff does change on a weekly basis. If you don't see what you want...then you can get it in the mail. It is part of the price. You can go through and set up a library that will store all your films you want mailed. Once you send one back the next one on your list will get mailed with in 3 days. There is not any grey ant. The things you asked about your daughter shows, they are there but they stay and go. There seems to always be something for them to like or watch. The big disney movies would not be available too much but can always get it in your library to send. It is worth the $8 a month.



answers from Milwaukee on

Netflix has alot for kids...lots of movies new & older. They do have documentaries,animals,etc... but, not anything such as, home improvement... well worth the price. We love it! We had additional 2 dvd's w/our subscription but, ended up cancelling that portion..use RedBox if, there's something we REALLY want to see asap.If you do watch ALOT of new releases the extra couple dollars per month is worth it! Hope this helps u.



answers from Houston on

Well, my husband loves me more than most!!!! I do have Netflix....but, more over, I have the Roku box, got it for Christmas.......its a box, that during usual ten buck movie watching, you can watch just almost everything!!!!! I have been watching "Wings" "Roseanne" "Rocko's Modern Life" "Lost" "..........Lost made me truly fall in love.


answers from Provo on

Netflix is the BOMB! I love it! I pay $15 for 2 unlimited cd's and unlimited streaming. Right now I'm watching Ugly Betty while cleaning. BEST EVER! Not only that, but if I have an internet connection and I have to sit and wait somewhere, I have entertainment on my ipod or laptop.
Like when I had to take my son to the hospital to get his leg checked out, the doctors were able to get a good look at my sons leg while I distracted him with watching Thomas the Tank Engine. In fact that's usually how all doctors appointments go. Whip out the ipod, and the doctor can actually look at whatever is wrong. Instead of the wrestle into a head lock and look into his ear for a second.
At home, I watch it more than our dish network. Mostly because I'm on the computer after my son goes to bed. It's WELL worth it.
It looks like they have all 6 seasons of Greys Anatomy up! I hadn't realized that! I think I will start at the beginning again and watch all of them!!

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