Interesting Friendship Question Disappeared? (SWH ADDED from Moderator)

Updated on November 10, 2019
C.C. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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The question from a day or two ago about making friends in middle school - disappeared? At least, I cannot see it on my screen now. I replied and I was genuinely interested in reading the other responses about introverted children and various other ideas. Did I miss something “unusual” that happened with that question?

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So What Happened?

Thanks Margie. WW that link you sent shows “Forbidden” for me too!

Thank you Rachel W for replying!

I agree Savannah - to at least leave the helpful answers that people spent time writing.

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answers from Portland on

The only times I remember a question and answers completely disappearing is when the post was reported as inappropriate or some such thing. This post seemed legit so I wonder why it was deleted. I suggest it's possible mamapedia knew more than we did. Still strange.

I believe that those who post and want post removed have to wipe away their words but answers are still there.

I wonder if moderator could tell us anything about this situation?

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answers from Washington DC on

i wondered about that too!

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ETA - that is TOTALLY freaky!! I can see it in my feed but you're right - clicking on it says "forbidden"....

I'm sorry - I don't recall that question. Look at your answers and see if you can find it there.

or do you mean this one?

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Chacha it is gone - I noticed it too. I think the poster must have asked for it to be removed perhaps. Sometimes that happens - unless there was a glitch? on the site. I'm guessing the person had some responses that were sensitive to her or maybe a sensitive topic and just wanted it down. It had been a long time since she posted (like 5 years).

Wild Woman - when I click on your link, it comes up as "Forbidden" on my computer. So maybe I don't have access to that.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hello community!

Good question, thank you for asking. The author of the post asked that we remove her question. No further explanation was provided, so we complied with her wishes.

--- Moderator

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answers from Miami on

I wondered what happened to it to. Hope she can get her son some help.

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answers from Chicago on

I was wondering that myself. I wrote an answer and was honored that I received some flowers and then nothing came up. Thank you for letting us know Rachel W.

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answers from Boston on

I was looking for it too! Bummer!

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