How Would You Treat a Busted Lip

Updated on March 17, 2008
J.F. asks from Oak Park, MI
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My 3 and 2 year old sons were being boys, and my 3 year fell off the bed. He must have bit down because it's a big split on his bottom lip. I stopped the bleeding with a cold towel. Now it just looks horrible. What can I put on it to make sure it doesn't get infected (he also sucks his thumb)?

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So What Happened?

That night I went out and bought some neosporin lip treeatment, it's not an antibiotic, but it's helping with the healing. You don't even notice it when his mouth is closed. The split has closed up. He hasn't complained at all about it. Look for him to be a professional child stunt double!! Thanks for all of the advice.

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I put my tooth through my lip when I was ten years old. I won't lie it looked horrible. After the first day it didn't hurt much. The doctor said as long as the bleeding stoped and we kept it clean it should be fine - and it was. It healed suprisingly fast. Advice- avoid spicy foods - no citrus, or salts (oUCH) Keep it clean and if it swells worse or turns red around the area moving away from the cut make sure you call the DR. Cold will keep the swelling down - I thought it was a great way to get slurpees and frostys. As far as the thumb sucking, if it hurts he won't do it. I hope this helps a little.



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First, make sure he's okay and doesnt' need the trip into the doctor's... (watch for the typical signs of vomiting, dizziness, etc.).

As for the lip, I think if you used just a natural "shea" butter from the health food store, you would be fine. This is moisturizing and it's great for everyone that has dry skin (or when the boys go out in the cold, you can put it on the cheeks to keep the moisture in to keep them from getting chapped.)... I make my own lip balm, so that is what I use for my son.

(I am a natural kind of gal!) ~

Best of luck!



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I would take him to the Drs. I busted my lip as a kid, now I have this piece of skin in my inner lip that would not be there if my parents had done so. That's if you think it needs stiches. On the market they sell neosporin for the mouth and I like to give my kids frozen pops Whenever they hurt their mouth. And a little orajel won't hurt for the pain. Good luck and I hope he feels better.



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Hi there! You may want his lip evaluated to make sure he doesn't need a suture or two to keep that split closed, which would help in decreasing risk of infection. Otherwise, it may just continue to re-open, bleed, etc.
I hope that helps and I hope he feels better soon :)

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