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Updated on May 25, 2007
L.O. asks from Denham Springs, LA
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Ok here is my problem. My youngest daughter has muscular dystrophy and has had several ear infections. We have seen an ENT lately and also her pediatrician. While we were going to the ENT I asked if they could please communicate with the peds office so that they would know what is going on with her. The ENT said he would then they never did. With her Muscular Dystrophy we have a team of doctors that we see thru out the year. I was thinking of possibly writing a fax and sending it to her other doctors after appointments. With this current ear infection she is also very congested in her chest and I feel her pulmonologist needs to know. Mainly because the peditrician had to give her a breathing treatment while we were at the office. Please let me know what you would do and especially if you have a special needs child. Thanks

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I think you should email, fax, go see the other doctors especailly if the doctor u r seening is not doing his job. U have to do what is right for ur daughter, not sit back and wait for the doctor. Dont look like he is in a rush to do it for u. Good luck on ur situation. Hope ur daughter gets better



answers from Baton Rouge on

In a situation like yours, where something that in most cases would be simple could cause a major problem, I would simply tell the doctor that I'd like a copy of the notes that s/he made for that day's visit, get them in hand before leaving, then make sure that her other doctors got copies. And don't let them tell you that they can't release your child's records to you. You have a legal right to them.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Hi L., I think its a good idea to communicate with everybody and make sure everyone's on the same page. It might be hard and some may think its unnecessary but you never know when a problem is going to arise, or someone's toes are being stepped on, at least you can say you let them know ahead of time! I would call the doctor's offices first and let the nurse know your sending a fax over and why. That way they'll be expecting it and notify the doctor. Calling the office first will save you the trouble of callbacks and having to explain the fax again later. It never hurts to have all of your bases covered!
Hope your daughter feels better soon!



answers from New Orleans on

HI1 I read rachel's response and agree with her - I feel that it is always in your best interests to help your doctors communicate with eachother. My son was very ill for about six weeks and we were seeing our pediatricain & a gastrointerologist ( not sure if the is spelled right. Their offices were across the hall from eachother, but still one didn't usually know what the other was doing!!
Always be proactive in your childs care - assume that others are a busy as you and even with the best intentions things just slip through the cracks sometimes.
Best wishes and I hope she is doing better soon!!!



answers from Fayetteville on

I like the idea of having the doc's report in hand at all visits, but that CAN be a hassle. You might try to talk to a few of the nurses at your many doctor's offices and ask if they could collaborate, or even suggest some way for you to assist them in collaborating. Sometimes the nurses know more about the patient and their situation than the doctor does.

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