How to Remove Pen Marks off of Walls?

Updated on September 29, 2009
K.W. asks from Dudley, NC
9 answers

I have tried to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and 409 all purpose cleaner and they are not working. How do I remove pen marks without taking paint off the walls? Am I doing something wrong?

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So What Happened?

When I tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser the pen marks came off a little bit but the eraser started to tear. The 409 started to take the a little of the paint of the wall.

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answers from Charleston on

Try some rubbing alcohol, I know that it completely dilutes and breaks down standard pen ink. Also, the paint itself may be the problem. If it is a very flat, matte, paint, it may be too porous for use in a homw with kids. Yes, the dreaded idea of repainting! I actually just removed all writing/drawing utensils from my 2 year olds reach, because we rent and I am not repainting(hopefully).

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answers from Memphis on

Ann T is right - Melaleuca's Sol U Mel is totally safe and removes amazing of them being paint if you rub too hard. Where is works as a spray and wipe away effort is on smooth non porous surfaces. Other surfaces take gentle strokes with concentrated Sol U Mel.

Finding an customer in your area would be to (a) help you set up an account to order from Melaleuca or (b) to let you use some. Melaleuca is not MLM and people don't sell products.

I have removed:
- thrown up chile in long shag
- red nail polish of dress pants (synthetic fabric), ceramic tile and wall paper (carefully)
- red permanent magic marker from light blue carpeting after it had been there three weeks

I know - those are porous surfaces - but just don't want to over promise; it has failed when the surface is rough.




answers from Johnson City on

She is right... baby wipes do work with certain kinds of paint (the brand of wall paint in your home)
WD-40 works too if you can stand the smell (the spray oil).



answers from Memphis on

fingernail polish remover on a qtip


answers from Charleston on

Baby wipes! (parents choice organic) They remove ink from walls and skin. Also will remove crayon I just learned yesterday and with ease.



answers from Nashville on

Try OOPS paint remover, our builder suggested this when our son colored our new white cabinets with a permenent marker and it took it right off!



answers from Wheeling on

Several simple remedies work for different types of ink:
Ball point pen: Haispray (or alcohol)
Permanent marker: Alcohol (or Dry Erase remover)
And there's a product called 'D-Solv-It' and it's WONDERFUL (if you can find it) for crayon marks, candle wax, adhesive residue from stickers & labels, etc. I've used 'Goo Gone' and it's OK. Haven't tried 'Goof Off' but have seen its praises sung on here. Hope this helps!



answers from Wilmington on

Try Solumel by Melaleuca. It is non-toxic and is said to take magic marker off. You may have to find a consultant in your area. Hairspray takes it off on fabric. Then Lestoil takes care of just about any stains. Linda Cobb, the Queen of Clean, suggests hairspray or rubbing alcohol. For tough spots, she recommends denatured alcohol found at hardware stores. Also she says to always apply the cleaners carefully only doing the spot in question. Good luck!



answers from Raleigh on

Try rubbing alcohol. I know it works on sharpie marker, not 100% sure it works on ink, but it's worth a try.

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