How Do You Not Puke, When Your Kid Is Puking?

Updated on December 10, 2007
K.M. asks from Hanover Park, IL
5 answers

I know, the question is kind of amusing. In all seriousness though, my son last night was vomiting on and off all night. And the problem is, while he needs comforting when this is happening, I find myself gagging and have a hard time staying in the room with him. When I was little, my mom would sit in there and rub my back while I got sick, and I want to give my son the same sort of comfort, but I can't seem to curb the gagging that I do - when he's getting sick!!

Does anyone have any tips on how to ignore that reflex so I can comfort my son?

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answers from Chicago on

I admit, I did laugh when I first read your e-mail but in all seriousness, if you can't handle it, it's time to wake up Dad and have him comfort Jr. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to curb it and so you can either wake up Daddy or wait outside the bathroom for him.

By the way, I don't know what is causing you to gag...the noise or the smell but IF it's the smell, you might try (and this is going to sound weird) but putting a small rolled up piece of mint gum in each nostril helps. Long story short, I use to work in a hospital and I had to bathe some unsavory smelling people at times and this did the trick for me.

Good luck.



answers from Chicago on

I am the same way, my husband and I made a deal before Justin was born, I will change all the poopie diapers (he cant handle poop) and he will handle all throw-up (I can't handle)
At times I thought I made a bad deal, and then my son came home from daycare puking, (DH picked him up) and when I walked in the door, Justin came running to me and then puked all over me, I almost threw-up myself. DH cleaned it all up.



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I admit I did laugh, I have so much to look forward to....I have to ask is it the sound or the smell that makes you sick. If it is the smell.... pull your shirt collar over your mouth so that you can not smell it, if it is the sound I can't help you....Good Luck!



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I know exactly how you feel. I cant stand looking or hearing someone throw up. I worked at a daycare and could not clean it at all. Since I have had my kids though it is a little different for me. It is still gross and I do gag once in a while but I just think--they need me right now and try to just sit in there and rub there back. Just try not to look at it but if dad has a stonger stomach then you---make that his job! Good luck and hope your son feels better!



answers from San Francisco on

Feel your pain dear. Hold your breath, grin and hope you don't get sick too. You are doing the right thing by comforting him. *HUG*

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